Can you, as a dog owner, even keep up with all these latest dietary modifications for dogs? When circumstances change, it can be quite difficult to know what the best solutions are for your best friend.

Fortunately, we can assist. Chewy is a strong advocate for pet health and provides excellent nutrition with practical shipping alternatives. We conducted extensive research and testing to compile a list of the top ten dog foods Chewy sells. These are our evaluations.

1. An Overview of Our Top Picks (2022 Update)

The best overall product is Purina ONE Natural True Instinct.

Turkey, chicken meal, soy flour, and beef fat are the main ingredients.
Content in protein: 30.0%
Fat percentage: 17.0%
Calories per cup: 365; each bag: 4,040

Our recommendation for these are the top chewy dog food brands is Purina ONE Natural True Instinct. It offers a thorough recipe that could work for the majority of healthy folks and is affordable for most people.

With this recipe, you may hydrate and bolster your dog’s body with more protein and fat. Turkey is the main source of protein in this recipe, which has a crude protein content of 30.0%. 365 calories make up one serving, which feels like a reasonable amount.

There are no artificial flavors, byproducts, or other non-natural ingredients in this recipe. However, it is still inclusive of grains. The flavor of the dry kibble will be improved by the flavorful, soft meat morsels.

This dish may aggravate some dogs because it provides protein content for various animals.

  • protein-rich meal
  • Free of synthetic ingredients
  • Grain-inclusive
  • common sources of protein

2. Best Value Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition

  • Ground whole grain maize, meat and bone meal, and animal fat make up the main ingredients.
  • 21.0% of the diet is protein.
  • Fat percentage: 10%
  • Calories per cup: 309; each bag: 3,348

We suggest Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition if you’re a shopper seeking for a deal. It satisfies all the needs that are typical and necessary for canine nutrition. We believe it to be the most affordable dog food available on Chewy.

In the initial handful of this recipe, there are a few grains and protein-rich components. Our dogs devoured it because of its flavor, which is grilled steak and vegetables. However, it has a lot of dubious substances that could make sensitive dogs allergic to it.

With 21.0%, this recipe has a fairly low protein content. Although it is technically the norm, we would prefer to see a higher quality when choosing dog food.

For healthy adult dogs, it is a cost-effective food that offers a comprehensive and balanced daily diet. Additionally, it is easily accessible online and in stores.

Delicious meal that’s affordable and meets dietary requirements for dogs
Possibly provoking substances

3. The Premium Choice JustFoodForDogs Sampler Variety Box

  • primary ingredients: Depends on the recipe
  • Content in proteins: 5%–10%
  • Fat percentage: 1-5%
  • Calories: Varies

This diet option may be a little more expensive than others, but your dog will benefit greatly from it. These fresh meal options come in a variety, providing a wide range of flavors that your dog can love.

The seven meal varieties in this variety pack are: balanced remedy, turkey and whole wheat macaroni, lamb and brown rice, venison and squash, chicken and brown rice, and beef and russet potatoes. Each one is nutrient- and flavor-dense.

We adore how inventive these things are. It ushers in a new era in which we treat our dogs like actual family members and make sure they are a good fit for their owners. We believe it’s worth a shot, and your dog will like the natural tastes that are of human-grade, the added hydration, and the enjoyable textures.

  • fantastic sampler plate
  • Seven distinct flavors
  • wholesome ingredients
  • a short shelf life

4. Best for Puppies: Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy

  • Chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, soybean meal, and whole maize make up the bulk of the diet.
  • Content in proteins: 28.0%
  • Fat percentage: 16.0%
  • 90 calories each cup; 3,672 in a bag.

Consider Rachel Ray Nutrish Bright Puppy if you’re seeking for a puppy diet that will give your little one or girl a great start in life. It includes a beautiful blend of nutrients with additional essential substances that assist healthy development and mental and physical function.

This dish is one of our favorites because it was created especially for pups while still being suited for dogs of all life stages. If your puppy responds well to this recipe once you’ve started it, you won’t have to continue.

This recipe’s first two components are chicken and chicken meal, which together make up 28.0% of the total protein content. To support a healthy developing brain and promote good eyesight, EPA and DHA have been added.

You may include this recipe in almost any budget because it is also quite economical.

  • more EPA and DHA for growth
  • all stages of life
  • complete protein
  • Contains corn, soy, and wheat

5. Vet’s Choice Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Dry Dog Food

  • Chicken, rice, whole grain wheat, and poultry by-product meal are the main ingredients.
  • Content in proteins: 26.0%
  • Fat percentage: 16.0%
  • Calories: 3.0%

We sought the advice of our reliable veterinary experts, who recommended Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Beef and Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. It is a dry kibble that is brimming with taste since it contains Purina meaty chunks.

More than 600 million guaranteed live probiotics are used in this mix to support intestinal health. By encouraging healthy digestion with natural substances, it treats digestive and intestinal issues. To strengthen joints, glucosamine has also been added.

It has sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and other vitamins and minerals. It offers comprehensive, balanced nutrients for a dried kibble. However, this dog food does include soy, maize, and other ingredients that some dogs may find to be allergens.

It also includes a wet canned food recipe that is same, so you can get them a tasty topping to boost flavor.

  • unquestionably live probiotics
  • Morsels of meat for flavor
  • Option for wet food in this recipe
  • Possibly provoking fillings

6. Best Large Dog Breed: Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition

  • Chicken meal, pearled barley, brown rice, and oatmeal are the main ingredients.
  • 22.0% of the diet is protein.
  • Fat percentage: 9.0%
  • Calories per cup: 358; each bag: 1,323.

If you have a large senior dog, you can consider purchasing a recipe to support their bulky bodies and keep their joints light. That is exactly what Gentle Giants Canine Nutrition is made to achieve.

It has the ideal balance of high-quality nutrients to prevent weight gain while promoting a healthy muscle structure. Additionally, it makes use of simple-to-digest cereals including oatmeal, brown rice, and pearled barley.

To improve digestive health, this recipe includes prebiotics and probiotics. It contains a lot of fruits high in antioxidants, such as blueberries, apples, and cranberries, for strong immunity.

Every ingredient is healthy and non-GMO. They even include upscale New Zealand green mussels, which provide glucosamine and chondroitin to assist the joints of your large dog.

  • Prebiotics and probiotics specifically added for giant breed dogs’ intestinal health
  • GMO-free components
  • Not suitable for puppies

7. Best for Small Dog Breed: Cesar Poultry Variety Pack

  • primary ingredients: Depends on the recipe
  • Content in protein: 8.5%
  • Fat percentage: 4%
  • 90-105 calories per can

We advise Cesar Poultry Variety Pack if your dog is fussy or if you want to add extra moisture to their diet. This assortment of recipes is delicious and will appeal to nearly any dog. Additionally, it is a great topping for any dry kibble meal.

For variety and to keep things fresh, there are several tastes. This bundle includes duck, turkey, grilled chicken, and oven-roasted chicken. Each loaf is placed in a delicious gravy. Your stuffy tiny breed will definitely become more hungry after reading this.

Each package is thoughtfully portioned and packaged. These tasty options are simple to use as a stand-alone diet or to spice up bland kibble. It’s also quite simple to eat if your small breed has dental problems.

Your dog will likely enjoy the variety of flavors and good dining experience, in our opinion.

Delicious poultry tastes

Individually portioned and packaged Also works well as a topping for small dogs

The best product for sensitive stomachs is Wholesomes Sensitive Skin & Stomach.

  • Salmon meal, brown rice, oatmeal, ground rice, pearled barley, and are the main ingredients.
  • 22.0% of the diet is protein.
  • Fat percentage: 12.0%
  • Calories per cup: 355; each bag: 1,485

We believe that Wholesomes Sensitive Skin & Stomach could be a significant asset if your dog is experiencing digestive issues. It has a mixture of simple-to-digest substances that help their digestive and immunological systems.

The first ingredient is salmon meal, which offers a concentrated supply of protein for your dog’s health and growth. This recipe combines brown rice and oatmeal to calm the tummy instead of more abrasive grains. This dish is devoid of peas, beans, and lentils if your dog has any sensitivity.

In the assured analysis, this recipe’s protein content is lower than average. Each cup has 355 calories, which is a reasonable number. For overweight dogs or those with blood sugar problems, this dish is ideal.

  • No peas, lentils, or other legumes
  • older grains
  • fantastic for digestion and immunity
  • Not necessary for adults in good health

9. The best senior dog food is VICTOR Purpose Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food.

  • principal components: whole grain brown rice, whole grain millet, and beef meal
  • Content in proteins: 27.0%
  • Fat percentage: 11.5%
  • Calories per cup: 360; each bag: 3,385

You need a recipe that offers entire body support and aids in maintaining a healthy weight if you have an older person. Because of this, we must highlight VICTOR Purpose Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food.

The first component in this recipe is beef meal, which offers a concentrated supply of protein to build muscles. Due to its maintenance-friendly measures, the complete ingredients list provides aged dogs with the right nourishment; you can tell that nutritionists put a lot of care into it.

It includes every ingredient necessary to produce a recipe appropriate for daily dietary needs. For optimal mobility, glucosamine and chondroitin have been incorporated for joint health. To maintain the general health of your senior, it also contains zinc and selenium.

If your senior has any dental problems, the kibble pieces might be difficult.

  • ideal diet for maintenance
  • the addition of glucosamine and chondroitin to assist joints
  • increases immunity
  • For dogs with dental problems only

10. The best product for overweight dogs is Iams Healthy Weight

  • Chicken, full grain maize, whole grain sorghum, and whole grain barley are the main ingredients.
  • Content in protein: 20.0%
  • Fat percentage: 9.0%
  • Calories per cup: 307; each bag: 3,358

Iams Healthy Weight may be useful if you have an adult dog who is gaining weight. Targeting adult weight specifically, it keeps your dog lean and active. They slightly altered the recipe and now list chicken as the first ingredient.

If you have a healthy, energetic dog, you shouldn’t use this recipe. It is designed for dogs who don’t burn a lot of calories during the course of the day. Compared to similar commercial recipes, it has 17% less fat. Nevertheless, it only includes

This grain-inclusive uses ground whole grain maize and sorghum to provide just the perfect amount of carbohydrates to keep your big guy or gal active. We wish to emphasize that it also contains animal byproducts, therefore not all dogs will respond well to it.

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