It looks great from the outside. Strange things start to happen as the homeowner settles into their home. Ghosts, serial killers, demons, as well as all manner of other supernatural creatures, haunt the most terrifying horror movie houses.

Horror movie houses have been around for decades. Some are merely a passing memory. Others have become iconic and continue to terrorize horror fans.

10 The House On Haunted Hill

In 2018, viewers came to recognize the horror series The Haunting of Hill House as one the most popular and terrifying. But, Hill House was not the first. The House On Haunted Hill was before it.

This Hill House version was quite a sight to see, trapping five people inside its walls and torturing them with evils unlike any other. The original Hill House was a haunting place, thanks to its intimidating appearance.

9 Katie And Micah’s Home

Found footage films have become quite popular in recent years. The idea of found footage being based upon “true events”, was twisted. It began in the dark woods searching for a witch and then leaped into the haunted house and the search for Paranormal Activities.

When a couple like Katie or Micah is confronted by a ghostly presence, their first instinct is to not run but to capture the experience. This spooky experience, which was captured through the eyes of a modern household, shows that ghosts should be removed.

8 Perron Home

In horror movie houses, there is a common theme where people don’t get it and refuse to leave. When the Perrons, victims of The Conjuring film discover their haunted home, they realize that the ghost of a witch is a bit smarter than Katie or Micah.

The Perrons don’t want to leave their haunted house with its dark passageways and deadly basement. Instead, they call upon the Warrens, paranormal experts, who help them investigate. There are also many scary moments in the series. This is the story of one terrifying adventure through a haunted, twisted house. 

7 Cabins in the Woods

If you’re looking for a haunted cabin in the woods, it is best to turn around and leave. The spooky cabin is quite appealing to horny teens from horror-comedy Cabin In The Woods.

This cabin in the woods is so fascinating because it doesn’t just contain one evil. Teenagers choose evil. They are accompanied by a team of determined employees who want to stop an old evil and free the evils from the cabin. This leads to one of the most memorable endings in horror movies.

6 Evil Dead Cabin

While Cabin in the Woods is the most popular cabin, there was another one before the horror-comedy. The creepy cabin in the woods is probably the most iconic horror Scariest haunted house in Ohio in horror.

The Necronomicon contains text that causes evil to be unleashed upon teenagers. This is not the kind of weekend you want to spend it. There are many horror movies set in the woods.

Five Haunted Mansions

Living in a mansion seems like a great idea until the new owner finds out that it is home to ghosts and ghouls as well as Eddie Murphy. Based on the Disney classic, The Haunted Mansion has all the ingredients to be a creepy home.

The Haunted House is chock full of ghosts with their motivations. It has a multitude of dark rooms, corridors, and hidden passages that add to its depth and make it the haunted home it is.

4 The Myers Residence

Everybody has seen houses like this. A picket-fenced, white home, amongst thousands, sat there in the darkness, abandoned. If one were to look closer, one might see something or, rather, someone moving. And, if unlucky enough for them, they face Micahel Myers.

Halloween a great horror movie that was overshadowed by its sequels has been a hit for many years. The home of Michael Myers appears normal from the outside and serves as an iconic horror home. The idea that Myers is lurking in the home, a desolate, barren place left after death and murder, sends chills down everyone’s spines.

3 MacNeil House

It may appear normal from the outside but it is filled with an evil unlike any other. The MacNeil home in one of the most terrifying horror movies, The Exorcist, does not necessarily contain ghosts or hidden passages. However, Pazzi, the demon, makes up for it quickly.

The MacNeil home has many iconic moments, including the two priests who battle the dark demon in the home and the evil lurking within the walls.

2 The Overlook Hotel

Any place can be considered a home. Anyplace that has four walls and a roof above one’s head can be considered a home. The Overlook Hotel is the isolated and haunted hotel the characters of The Shining occupy.

The Overlook Hotel is a home that audiences won’t want to visit, whether it’s because of the creepy twins at the end of the hall, the endless maze and ghostly bartender, or Jack Nicholson ranting about horror’s most famous quotes.

1 Freeling House

The original is always the best. Most often, however, there’s no substitute for the original. As far as most people can recall, the Poltergeist was one of the first ghostly homes. Surrounding what appears to be a safe place may hide a deeper evil.

The evil beneath the Freeling home is very literal. It was built on top of an old burial ground. The Freeling home is the epicenter of horror, with reality-changing mirrors, possessed TVs, and clowns.

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