You may access millions of songs for free when you subscribe to a service like Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music; in some ways, it’s like owning all of the music ever written. However, that delusion only persists as you continue to pay your monthly bills. All of the music is instantly lost if your subscription is cancelled.

You can download tunes that you can keep forever for a greater long-term fix. Additionally, there are websites where you can legally download music for free, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to receive those tracks. Here are the top websites for downloading free music.

Free Music Library

Free Music Archive is a repository for free original music supplied by independent musicians and was established by East Coast radio station WFMU in 2009. A dozen genres and innumerable sub-genres can simply be browsed through its clear and straightforward interface. You can create playlists on the website’s player or download tracks and use them again with a Creative Commons license.


SoundCloud is a platform for streaming and sharing music that enables artists to interact with listeners and provide tracks to fans directly. Although SoundCloud offers premium subscription plans, a basic account allows you to access the site’s music library at no cost. Additionally, musicians can choose to make their tracks freely downloadable, making it feasible to download music in a variety of formats. Hover over a track in the player, then click the More icon with three dots to download it. You’ll notice a Download file menu option if it’s downloadable.


Since its launch in 2008, Bandcamp has provided independent musicians with a platform to sell their music online to listeners. If you enjoy music, Bandcamp is like a musical candy store with selections in many genres, including rock, reggae, children’s metrolagu music, and even audiobooks. Unfortunately, Bandcamp’s navigation doesn’t include an option to look for free music, but it is still easy to do. When searching for “free downloads” on Bandcamp, you can browse tracks that you can either download for free or at a price of your choosing (and you can name zero dollars).

Archive on the Internet

A nonprofit digital library called The Internet Archive is on a quest to collect and catalog millions of books, pieces of music, pieces of software, websites, and other materials. For instance, it runs the Wayback Machine, which allows you to view websites as they were at various points in the past. Additionally, the site’s Audio Archive contains a sizable collection of songs, live performances, audio books, podcasts, 78 rpm records, and more that may be browsed using a variety of filtering options, including musical genres. Although not everything on this page can be downloaded, there are many different file formats accessible when it comes to music.


One of the odd free music download websites you’ll come across is NoiseTrade. It’s a portion of the Paste Magazine website that allows you to stream music and, in most cases, download songs without charge. By doing this, it connects fans and artists. Additionally, if you want to download music, you receive all the tracks from a certain artist’s library in a single zip file rather than being able to select individual tunes. NoiseTrade offers a variety of mainstream artists in a variety of genres, and all you have to do to download music is give the artists your email address so they may contact you.


In order to facilitate collaboration and communication among musicians, producers, venues, and others in the music business, ReverbNation was introduced in 2006. Additionally, it serves as a place for music lovers to find and interact with fresh musicians. In order to achieve this, you can browse and search for music, use the integrated player, and download songs. Use the site’s search page and choose the Free MP3s Required checkbox on the left to look for music that the artists have made available for free download. You can download all of the tracks in the search results for nothing.

In the early days of the internet, was a well-liked source for free music streaming. However, in 2014, the site stopped offering these services and has since shifted its focus to providing music suggestions based on users’ listening behavior. Even so, you can still legally download a modest selection of free music from this site. A straightforward, unsearchable list of 227 MP3 songs are available for playback and download on the Download Free Music page. It takes some investigation to make use of this library because there is no indication of style or genre.

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