As a carpenter working in the household market, I am over knowledgeable with the various types of saws employed for slicing hardwood and wood alternatives. Reducing alloys on the flip side can be a supplementary imagined, which approximately this aspect I’ve resolved for cutting having a hacksaw, a mini grinder, or possibly a reciprocating saw.

Hitachi has just released their first ever cordless brushless 18 v 3 1/4” band saw design variety CB18DBLP4 that is sold like a uncovered tool. The band saw is geared towards local plumbers, electricians, mechanical investments, and industrial programs where the application of materials is definitely an every single day issue.

Cutting Capability

The 18 v band saw includes a varied velocity call and auto operate that will change blade rate accordingly based on the fabric getting cut. The automatic blade speed operate establish the 18 v band saw achieves a velocity of 395 to 640 RPM, this achieves decreased disturbance and extended work periods.

The band saw features a tool much less blade modify which uses a anxiety handle. The highest cut potential from the band saw is 3-1/4” tubing both round or square. The band saw uses a 35-7/16” by 1/2” metal reducing band saw blade.

Hitachi has provided excess security on both the battery along with the tool which inhibits getting too hot. The motor is equipped with a gentle start characteristic.


The Hitachi 18 v brushless band saw is extremely light-weight from the palm in line with the measurements of it. At 6.45 pounds the property is virtually entirely high-impact plastic-type which plays a part in its lessened excess weight.

Hitachi 18 V Compact Band saw -8 Whats special about the band saw is the way the battery is up on top of the take care of along with the engine itself towards the base. The battery place is more commonly located towards the bottom of the manage of all resources.

The blade manual assemblage is angled from the take care of structure at about 135 levels. This style rewards the right given user. The detachable auxiliary take care of can be found at the front in the upper blade information wheel housing.

We evaluated the band saw utilizing the Hitachi BSL 1680 18 v 6 amp battery. This battery is extremely equivalent in size with other organizations 5 and 6 amp batteries. It does nonetheless lack a gasoline evaluate.

The UC 18YSL3 swift charger has a supporter air conditioning to counter the battery warming up while asking. The truly nice characteristic on this is basically the substantial, easily found brought light-weight that glows light blue while asking and converts sound natural each time a battery is incurred.

Overall performance

Many of us tried out the Hitachi Brushless 18 v band saw on location. We tried it for slicing 1 1/2” galvanized stainless steel conduit, heavy-duty stainless cabinet rods. It absolutely was also accustomed to cut the header track on Johnson pocket door packages which is a mixture of 1 x pine and light weight aluminum channel. There was clearly another stainless-steel barn doorway path which had to be cut, the blade itself could not cut the stainless steel however.

Notice on Decreasing Stainless steel: That isn’t a wrong doing in the tool however, the capability to cut stainless is blade reliant. Ever since the tool is really new, there isn’t a blade available yet for stainless.

Hitachi 18 V Compact Band saw We all found out that the band saw slashes extremely smooth, reducing with the a variety of resources like butter. Because of the lowered sound not any people needed seeing and hearing defense that is needed when utilizing a reciprocating saw or mini grinder to cut alloys.

Torment Tests

We desired to see just how many slices the 3 ¼” 18 v cordless band saw might make on the 6 amp battery. Making use of scraps of both 1-1/4” heavy duty chrome dresser rod and 1/2” copper water pipe, the band saw quickly completed 76 slices from the stainless rod and 85 slashes within the copper water pipe. At that point we ran out of metal materials as well as the on tool gasoline gauge was reading through 1 of 2 night clubs remaining. 161 slashes had been made in full.

The 18 v band saw done very well. The tool is readily used in combination with one particular hands and seems very comfortable utilized in the correct hand the clean slicing measures leaves for small area for problem of strike back or harming finish off grade supplies.

Tool-less blade shifting is a large benefit as well as the manual tire housings can also be tool-significantly less, working with a snap fasten sort design.

The angled manage in terms of the reducing mind can make it hard to see what your slicing for kept handed end users, changing the orientation of your manage to a direct on would make the band saw ambidextrous.

Finding the fuel gauge in the tool is a great function, nevertheless its only 2 cafes. We find this being too obscure when deciding simply how much manage time is left on the battery. Enhancing the gas determine to 3 or else 4 night clubs will offer a user much better indication of leftover battery life.

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