Valheim started off as a beta, also has been incredibly buggy, and was not much point playing with it before it officially published, also it has increased fast instantly with countless Valheim host hosting options that were deployed.

And similar to fresh trending games, such as Dead Issue, lots of host hosting providers are currently offering it, therefore the concern is that would be your very ideal Valheim server hosting now?

What Exactly Is Valheim?

Valheim could be the most recent survival sandbox game in the future from IronGate A-B, a development provider, also it has topped among their bestsellers on steam, and it contains hit to 500,000 concurrent players around Steam Charts.

It shares similarities with early 2000’s games such as Runescape.

Much like games such as Ark: Survival Evolved and Rust have assembled enormous communities around the Survival sandbox gameplay along with Valheim is up because of this ease and effortless walkthrough that defeats even developed games such as Ark.

In conclusion, it’s virtually an early access game that also functions effectively, unlike other ancient access games. Valheim has never generated anything new concerning game mechanics, however, it has the avoidance of game mechanisms or even more demanding decisions that boost the financial worth of this game over players.

Why Rent a Server for Valheim?

There are just two options when hosting a Valheim server, so you also certainly can perform it by self hosting to a passionate computer or perhaps even a leasing agency just such as the under, and the latter is tremendously advantageous to the last option, self hosting can usually cost a comparable number to leasing one anyhow and renting comes more favorable in features and easy usage.

As little as $13/mo, you could possibly find yourself a Valheim server and get it hosted on 24/7 with a huge selection of features, with self hosting, issues could appear shooting some the time out of you personally.

You will truly have a reduction in lag on account of this game hosting businesses using a sizable total of Gbps server relations in their data centers and possess more lowering of lag, and it’s frequently shared-hosting however is tremendously efficient.

We’ve short-listed alternatives for hosting a host with this wonderful game, Valheim. Have a look below

Survival Servers

This game host is most likely among the greatest now, using loads of host locations, hardware, game choices and thus much more it’s the hosting provider to get Valheim.

We’ve chosen it because of the very ideal Valheim server host for its rapid rate encouraging this game and also the tips it has had due to its own features and rolls out for requirement.

Once we said above, you’re able to get loads of server locations in Europe to South Asia (Singapore) and you are going to find some good fairly great DDoS protection, together with ultra-fast NVMe SSds together with Intel and AMD CPUs around America, Europe, and many Asian locations.

Right now, Survival Servers is just offering 10 slots at the present time at $14/month, which is quite moderate concerning affordable. And you’ll be able to get mods such as ValheimPlus and also a wonderful alternative for support.

Host Havoc

Host Havoc is among the greatest game hosting businesses across the business also it has quickly begun to offer Valheim being a substitute for its own customers. They truly are situated in Canada and have existed as 2013, a reasonably fresh host in contrast to additional game hosts such as Nitrado, that has been set in 2001.

With loads of locations, fantastic service, affordable, Host Havoc has come to be a popular solution for anyone attempting to rent a host and we have to deadline them for this particular specific reason.

You will have the capacity to cover for readily with its e-wallet and debit card service and instant installation, and that means you will immediately have the ability to begin your own Valheim server.

GTX Gambling

UK-Based GTX Gambling is actually really just a game host hosting provider and adds new and upcoming games such as Valheim. They will have just about immediately added Valheim for their set of countless supported games.

This provider has existed since 2008 also contains a lot of time to grow and specialize in games such as Rust, S O Valheim is very amazing with GTXGaming. They will have caused it to be instant to Survival Servers because of their lack of support choices.

On a constructive note, they have tons of features such as automatic copies, r con service, mod service, and great DDoS security to guarantee the ideal up time for the buddies or community!


PingPerfect is among the favorite game hosting providers round, with locations over the continents and also quick and effortless payment procedures, PingPerfect makes renting a game host super simple, and this also includes attention to Valheim also as

PingPerfect has great deals on Valheim, for those who should pick annual payments, then that may reduce down you to 20% reduction, etc as you choose a longer repayment term.

The control panel is user-friendly, a fairly standard one but it’s functional. In comparison to additional panels such as and ScalaCube, it is perhaps maybe not quite as fantastic but still does not get a lot of bad things.

Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks will make certain you never possess some interruptions out of lag making use of their brilliant DDoS Protection that’s contained within all bundles in Nitrous Networks. You may get right up to ten players using Nitrous Networks at the present time and most game hosting businesses are operating on increasing that number.

Much like nearly all game hosting businesses, Nitrous Networks is presently using TCAdmin v-2 which’s a normal board application, that is quite efficient and user-friendly. Nitrous Networks additionally guarantees that a 99.9% uptime using premium quality data centers around 10 locations.

Of course, when you face some problems while hosting using Nitrous Networks you are able to certainly contact their service team within 10 minutes using Nitrous Networks, which could possibly be higher as a result of the number of tickets being generated regarding Valheim.

Right now, 10 slots using Nitrous Networks is 24/month plus they have a 72-hour money-back guarantee.


1GServerHost would be the newest kids on the cube and also have fast established impressive and easy features and may certainly manage your Valheim host with no attempt employing the commonly-used TC Admin v 2, which will be used by a number of game hosting organizations.

You’re able to get your own server files with applications like FileZila Anytime you are trying to incorporate a present world in the separate host along with also their servers are both perform nicely. 1GServerHost immediately keeps backups of one’s own server setting something goes wrong, that may happen with premature access games such as Valheim.

Your server is shielded using DDoS Protection together with each of their data centers and supplies a fantastic rate and maximum efficacy to guarantee you don’t have any interruptions with lag, and they’ve 16 server locations across America, Europe, and Canada.

You’re able to find yourself a Valheim server using 10 slots for $14/month and contains service for Valheim+ if you are trying to choose which alteration.

Low M-S has worked with programmers of games to supply the most high quality server leasing possibly, plus it is extremely possible that they’re in discussions with Iron Gate AB to present the maximum update to date features such as Valheim.

Proceed with Low M-S and you should easily have the ability to play your buddies or community on the web with their superb testimonials and completely free DDoS security to make sure you’re not bothered with almost any lag whilst renting a host with Low. ms.

They readily manage most of the technical side as well as offer you full FTP access using software like FileZilla just in the event you are trying to incorporate a present world document out of the self-hosted Valheim server.

You are able to buy 10-player slots for $13.70/mo from Low M-S using i-9 chips NVMe SSDs using DDR4 ram to your maximum high speed efficient rate and get free DDoS security to combat virtually any lag.


ShockByte has mainly focussed on Minecraft host hosting, but they immediately emerged to encouraging Valheim servers at just $14.99/mo using 10-player slots using automatic modding, 100% uptime, very low latency, free subdomain, full FTP access, therefore, more features.

You won’t have any worries when choosing Maximal Hosting because of their robust host locations using totally free DDoS security and automated installment after supported payment by a few of these payment procedures.

You are able to readily install mods such as Valheim+ making use of their automated mod setup and complete use of FTP access.

It is possible to get daily copies together with ShockByte that are performed daily to guarantee the protection of your host and if anything else goes wrong it is simple to re-arrange your final backup, readily get their support and request any help.

You are able to get 10-player slots to get the Valheim server for 14.99/mo and choose around 5 host locations, united states, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Singapore having at least 4GB of RAM and 50GB NVMe SSDs for each host.

G Portal

G cubes really are sitting at the next position, and do not make us wrong G Portal can be an excellent game host and deserves its standing within this list. It has instantly added aid for the perplexing game.

Being a real big part Minecraft host hosting provider it surely appears itself because a fantastic game server as Minecraft is the landmark of game hosting services.

Customer care is a superb quality of G Portal, we had a small difficulty with putting up our test host on Valheim and discovered several basic troubles, and did not make a decision to resolve those, therefore we contacted service and they immediately responded with a fantastic reaction.

Beginning with $13.37/month you’ll be able to secure 10 slots and also choose from the range of server locations in the USA and Europe with superb aid, immediate installation, and complimentary DDoS Protection.

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