The Lagina boys are back at it again. Just when you thought the Curse had won, the mystery would never be solved, we get Rick & Marty going all in this time folks. Sit down now. This is going to be a wild season.

Episode 1 has aired now and for those not in the know, The Curse of Oak Island is a real mystery AND now a reality tv show. There is supposed to be buried treasure here and even possibly the Arc that God gave the Israelites (note: never open the Arc). Many famous people, including a US President have tried to find this treasure, but have only found more and more clues, and small bits of treasure, coins, more clues, and a heck of a lot of booby traps. Oak Island is the real name of the Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

And the Lagina brothers are American brothers, one made a fortune in Oil, the other one hell of a Post Office General, and now both full time Curse of Oak Island Treasure Hunters.

So Season 4, Episode 1 aired, and here’s the evidence they found. Firstly they have a new map of the Island, which was originally done in French. The boys had it translated and they discovered three new areas they had not known about it previously. Here’s a copy of the map, plus a few extra goodies if you look around it. They only showed it for a split second on TV, but it looks like I see a more than a few unknown places. Like that island or area south of Oak Island, check out the map.

Then they get a tip from a local land owner who has some mysterious foundations that look like an ancient castle including, a rock with a cross, and a well with really clean water. The locals show Rick the rock with a Christian Cross on it and then they put a camera down the well, take a quick look.

Curse of Oak Island Is Back, Season 4 Episode 1 Evidence Review

They think there is evidence for a hidden shaft at the bottom of the well. In the 2nd image they are pointing out what appears to be two stones fitted together on the bottom, and they decide that they will send a diver down next to see if that theory holds up.

Next, Marty leads his crew on the hunt for one of the new locations called, The Hatch. They send one of their young guys out into the thick brush and when they get to the spot marked on the new map, lo and behold there appears to be a mysterious hatch sinking into the ground. Check it out.

So from Season 4 Episode 1, we learned the Lagina’s have a new map, where they find the mystery hatch and where they will continue to dig into on Episode 2. Also, we have a new well on the mainland to examine for its own mysterious hatch possibly at the bottom of it.

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