Roblox has been around over 14 years. Many games have come onto the platform, but not all of them are equal. It can be difficult to find the best Roblox games for beginners. But we are here to help you. Roblox offers every game for free. All you need to do to get a game is to join a server.

Adopt Me

Adopt Me It is one of Roblox’s most loved games and the most used RPG. It’s a Sims-style game that focuses on taking care of your home. Players can choose to play the role of an adoptive parent, or an adopted child. You can chat with other people, customize your home and explore the world however you like. This site is geared towards younger people.

Adopt me! Enjoy weekly updates, cross-over events and even recognizable properties. You should also be aware of in-app purchases as it is ripe for play.


Jailbreak is as child-friendly as Grand Theft Auto gets. You can play as either a police officer or a criminal. Criminals must escape jail and do crimes in order to get money for better gear. Police patrol the city to find crooks and collect bounty money to purchase weapons. You can have all the fun of GTA online, but it’s wrapped in kid-friendly skin. Roblox is constantly updating it with new content. It is one of the most loved Roblox games.


MeepCity is similar to Adopt Me! in that you can adopt a Meep creature, customize your house and choose a map for your home. MeepCity is different from Adopt Me! MeepCity is focused on home-building by you. MeepCity even has mini-games where you can earn more currency to purchase furniture or other items for your home. MeepCity supports over 200 Roblox users, which is great for those who are looking for social interaction.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is fairly self-explanatory. A group of people and you uncover a crime and have to work together to solve the case. Every play gets the role of either an innocent, a sheriff, or as a murderer when the game begins. You are an innocent and must survive until the murderer’s arrest. You can also step in to stop the murderer and be a hero. It is your responsibility as sheriff to find the murderer and kill them before any other players are killed. Yes, murder is the job of the murderer. Murder Mystery 2 offers a variety of maps that you can use to make your party fun.

Survival in Natural Disasters

Natural Disaster Survival means that you can survive a natural catastrophe. These natural disasters happen without any reason. In fact, it is all natural. As with any disaster scenario, players are placed in a normal setting and must quickly react to natural disasters such as acid rain, volcano eruptions, or meteor showers. This is another great option for quick pick-up and play games. It’s part of the fun to adapt to the chaos!


Roblox games look great for families. But, if you want something more challenging, here are exploit called Electron for Piggy that might be the game for you. Piggy is a survival horror video game in which players must escape a murderer and solve puzzles. You must capture the killer and stalk other players if you are the one who is responsible. There are two chapters, each with its own storylines. You can also choose a custom game option so you and your friends can have the horror on their terms.

World // Zero

Roblox’s World // Zero game is among the most amazing. This game is modeled after MMORPGs. You create a character and choose a class. Then you go into a hub world to farm XP, shop, or complete challenges. You can join other players to explore new worlds and dungeons while earning sweet, sweet loot. Roblox’s game-creation platform is the perfect tool to showcase what dedicated gamers can do with their game creation tools.


Like Adopt Me! Brookhaven, a luxury lifestyle simulation game, is similar to MeepCity and Adopt Me! People were looking for a safe place to roleplay in Second Life, and Second Life was the perfect space. You can hang out with your friends on small servers or you can pay to create private servers that can support up to 100 players.


Roblox isn’t just about simulating real life. Sometimes it’s also about fast-paced shooting. Arsenal is an FPS-game that’s reminiscent of older arena shooters like Quake or Unreal. You read that correctly. Arsenal has a lot of weapons and cosmetics, and is a great game for blowing off steam and getting some head-shaking.

Tower of Hell

Roblox is known for its many obstacle course games and their poor quality. Tower of Hell is different. Tower of Hell is about Fall Guys. Race up to 20 players towards the top of the tower with randomly generated levels. There are no checkpoints.

Anime Fighting Simulator

A good anime fight is a great way to spend your time. Anime Fighting Simulator allows you to do exactly that: simulate anime fighting. There are many weapons, equipment, and items to choose from in this fighting game that is inspired by anime. You can create your own Tournament arc or play through a single-player storyline.

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Roblox is like Minecraft. It has a large player base, both young and old, and Roblox’s powerful game-creation tools have produced tons of great Roblox games. Roblox is a great game for younger gamers, on both the PC. You’ll have fun no matter which platform you play it on. Check out our Promo Codes for Roblox to get some cool swag while you play these fun games.

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