Tuesday 17th October 2017,
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Why Was Germanwings Flight 9525 Pilot Locked Out Of The Cockpit Before Fatal Crash?

Why Was Germanwings Flight 9525 Pilot Locked Out Of The Cockpit Before Fatal Crash?

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Germanwings & Police officials have found voice data of the last 10 minutes of Flight 9525 and it is beyond mysterious as to what they hear. The voice data shows that the main pilot had left the cockpit, and then tried to get back in but was locked out. Officials here him banging harder and harder on the cockpit door, trying to get back in, but his co-pilot remained silenced, as the flight gradually descended and essentially vaporized as it slammed into the moutains it was flying over. Weather has been ruled out, it was a sunny clear day. Traffic controllers all over the area respond that the flight had descended very slowly, and it appears the auto pilot had tried to correct this but in the end it was to no use.

150 people were aboard, including a classroom of school kids and their two teachers. This flight is getting as mysterious as the Malaysian Airlines disaster MH370. Officials have no idea why the pilot left but by the end of the voice recording he can be heard trying to smash his way back into the cockpit.

So, we have a deep deep mystery here. Is this a terrorist attack, pilot error or maybe even perhaps a pilot suicide? Time will tell as officials continue to investigate.

sources : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanwings_Flight_9525


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