What Does A North Korean Assassin Use To Do Business?

What Does A North Korean Assassin Use To Do Business

Well the South Koreans are one step closer to knowing after they caught a North Korean agent in the middle of an assassination attempt in Seoul, South Korea.

All you might feel is someone brush by you and a slight pin prick. But very quickly you would be suffering muscle paralysis followed by suffocation. You would be dead within a very short period of time.
This is the deadly effect of just one of the weapons found on a failed North Korean assassin last year on the busy streets of Seoul, now shown exclusively to CNN.

Disguised to look like a Parker ballpoint pen, it contains a poison needle and is practically impossible to identify as a weapon.

The second pen shoots a poison-filled bullet which penetrates the skin and releases the toxin and the third weapon is a flashlight, loaded with up to three bullets. They all look completely innocuous but all three will kill.

source : http://edition.cnn.com/

Author: MHTV

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