Tuesday 26th September 2017,
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Unidentified Flying Objects In Classical Antiquity

Unidentified Flying Objects In Classical Antiquity

This report was written up by a NASA scientist and is on NASA’s webpage. It is a short 14 page report on UFO reports from ancient times. There are many reports with fascinating details, of course around 200 BC there were no cameras but nonetheless still interesting to see how ancient peoples interpreted UFO’s. The PDF link below is on NASA’s page and is completely free to view/download. The author, NASA Scientist Richard Stothers passed away in 2011.

A combined historical and scientific approach is applied to ancient reports of what might today be called unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Many conventionally explicable phenomena can be weeded out, leaving a small residue of puzzling reports. These fall neatly into the same categories as modern UFO reports, suggesting that the UFO phenomenon, whatever it may be due to, has not changed much over two millennia.

source : http://pubs.giss.nasa.gov/abs/st02710y.html

PDF link : http://pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/2007/2007_Stothers_2.pdf

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