Tuesday 17th October 2017,
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UFO Caught On Video In West Glacier, Montana, USA

UFO Caught On Video In West Glacier, Montana, USA

This incredible moment when a UFO flew through the clouds and behind a mountain was filmed on June 9, 2012 by YouTube user xxxdonutzxxx. It really is cool and they have done a good job at enhancing it. We all know video can be manipulated but as a person who has worked in the film & television industry for over 10 years, you can say I have an eye for these kind of things.

I always look for a few things on UFO videos. The first thing is how does the UFO blend into the scene. Is the lighting right? Reflections? Reactions of the person filming or people watching. A key thing I always look at is how the video looks. Is there more noise or video compression artifacts on the UFO then everything else? Is there a blur/or edge between the UFO and objects in the scene. You can mask and feather objects in video until they look like they are supposed to be there. Take into account most digital videos shot by consumers today is shaky it can be hard to motion track a UFO into a scene. So I take a lot into account when looking into these videos.

This video appears to be clean, I don’t see any post-processing and so at this point it appears to be a legitimate UFO. Which just means we dont know what it is yet.

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