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Abandoned Turkish Ghost Town, Kayakoy

Abandoned Turkish Ghost Town, Kayakoy

Built in the 1700s, the town was originally called Karmylassos and was built on Greek land at the time. After the land grabs of the Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922) there was a mutual population exchange, Greek Orthodox living in Turkey for Turkish Muslims in Greece. Around 20,000 villagers were exchanged and it has been abandoned ever since 1923. Those who didn’t escape the war & violence are reportedly haunting this area, acting like life never changed, or even screams. Human remains, mainly skeletons are scattered throughout the area.

There are rumors of it being rebuilt and some of the homes in the area have been and are occupied. Taking a look at Google Maps you can see some of the homes in the area with swimming pools. Kayaköy has been adopted by the UNESCO as a World Friendship and Peace Village.

source : Wikipedia : Kayaköy

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  • mmm

    how can it be a peace village when we can still hear the cries of the dead? justice needs to be done on many levels until they rest in peace. or it will just pop up in the memory of DNA until its balanced out?? remembered so it wont happen again. they wont rest in peace until there is equality in asia minor

  • Natalia

    A thorough documentation on how the population exchange took place is strongly recommended before making such statements as “those who didn’t escape war and violence”. You might be surprised to find out that it could have as well been a peaceful exchange and this article distorts the facts in a regretful way.