Tuesday 17th October 2017,
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I have finally found confirmation that the Stonehenge of North Ontario is real and have been in touch with a man who has visited the site at least 4 times.

Bill Steer of North Ontario has not only been to the site, he shared some information that has been very difficult for me to find. Before talking with him I had only come across one photograph (below) and mostly rumors as to the location of the Stonehenge site.

Stonehenge Ontario Canada 1

Bill sent me a link to a CBC interview where he talks about his visits to the Stonehenge, as well a second photograph.

Stonehenge Ontario Canada 2

The stones are massive, not easily moved, and definitely arranged in a pattern. Also the rock type they are made of does not match the type of rock underneath them, meaning somebody or some group has purposefully arranged them. There is also an archaeological dig a few kilometer’s west of the site which shows a prehistoric site was used by ancient peoples of this area.

For maps and more information on this truly unique area use the links below.

Special Thanks to Bill Steer for providing us with much needed information to confirm this megalithic site as fact. I plan to do a visit up there next summer, and will post an update on them then.

Make sure to visit Bill’s website for more fascination adventures @ http://www.steertonorthernontario.ca/

Here’s a couple of maps and diagram showing the layout of the stones.


Stonehenge formation with constellation

study area archeology stonehenge

more info : http://www.cbc.ca/morningnorth/past-episodes/2013/07/15/backroads-bill—the-northern-stonehenge/


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    Also, if you walk through the stand of trees north of the monoliths, you can see a circle of stones, perfect for sitting. Continue on an angle toward the water, moving away from the small stone circle, and there is a large stone cairn.