Tuesday 26th September 2017,
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The Haunted Toaster & Its Satanic Toast

The Haunted Toaster & Its Satanic Toast

June O’Brien has a haunted toaster that she claims she heard even call itself the devil and it burns Satan Lives into the bread as well as even just outright starting a fire for what seems like no reason. June is afraid of the toaster but she refuses to give it up, as it makes a good toast.

Uploaded by muerte62 on Aug 6, 2009
Originally run on the “Today” show, in May, 1984, this is my favorite thing ever shown on television. Enjoy. I send a shout-out to Richard Dominick, the interviewer (and producer from Jerry Springer) who made this astounding moment in TV history possible.

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  • scallywag

    On one hand one can see June is endeared to her toaster, reluctant to just pick it up and smash it on the floor, reluctant to believe that it doesn’t love her as much as she loves it. Yet on the other hand she’s taunted and bears a serious grudge against it for refusing to behave and sing savory lullabies to her.


    • MHTVtwit

      LOL – She seems adamant about taming the toaster beast within. Thanks for commenting. Don’t see enough on this site.