Wednesday 18th October 2017,
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The Curse of Oak Island SEASON 2

Check out this sneak peak of the new season of The Curse of Oak Island is starting on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 9/8c. This show has me and many others captivated. The Curse of Oak Island is one of recent histories great mysteries. If you are in Canada the show doesn’t start until November 16 I believe.

(Old trailer as they took the new one down)

What is down that hole? Brothers Marty and Rick Lagina keep on digging and it looks like they have found some new stuff over the summer to show us all. The answer is still down there!

more info : Oak Island Treasure Coin Found, Is The Curse Broken?

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  • Gromachey T

    ((CURSE OF OAK ISLAND)) Please please tell me that you have gone outside at night and looked UP to the skies for the treasure map!! **!! I would HATE for you all to miss THAT. T. Gromachey.

    • I’ll have what he’s having…Anyways, if you know anything why type it like your part of the secret. You’re not, so please explain yourself a little more coherently bud.

      • Gromachey T

        Well… If you had a part of history that only “certain” people have… Then you would know where to look. I wish I could help. I guess I could… But that would give a secret up. I can only give as much as I can… Without giving too much. But three little blue books show truth.

      • LOL Can you sell me some of whatever you are on?

        You can believe in your own delusions, if you think you know the secret than you would have gone there yourself.

        Your just like the rest of, curious observers, hoping for a great treasure. Nothing more than that and don’t act all hoighty toighty or otherwise.

        If you think you have something to share, than share it, don’t act like your the guard of some great secret. Once again you post a statement that proves you live in delusions of grandeur, hoping someone will take notice.

        Instead what you have really down is destroy any credibility you have towards any ‘secret’ or mystery.

        “I can only give as much as I can without giving to much”…These are statements made from people who fall into logical fallacies and become convinced they know something when they know nothing.

        Please feel free to share anything you might have to add but this tip toeing around something you know is just harming your own mind.

      • T Gromachey

        You can take what I gave to be a clue… Or rubbish. That is up to whomever is on this hunt.
        All I need to say now is…
        Seers seek for Wisdom’s flowers in the mind
        And write of symbols many a learned tome.
        (Grow roses still, though rooted in black loam. )
        The mystic searches earth till eyes go blind
        For soul of roses, yet what use to find
        A spirit penned within a catacomb?
        Nay, all they learn is weightless as sea-foam
        That drifts from wave to wave upon the wind.
        In rushes Cap and Bells. How very droll
        The ways of students and the foolish books!
        He finds no secrets of Freemason’s art
        In mind nor rose nor tomb nor musty scroll;
        Where no wit is, where all loves are, he looks
        And reads their hidden meaning in his heart.

        I wish I was there to help… But then again…
        In true since of the words freemasonry is not a secret society but a society with secrets.
        So what I’m saying is… I respect the secrets… I was only trying to help you… Helping you to expand your mind to greater limits.
        And I pray no one will lose their life over obsession or greed. But think with not only your mind but also you’re heart.

      • Your saying nonsense again. I am not affiliated with the search for the treasure, nor or any of the other sites you have been commenting on.

        Also, all you have done is copy and pasted a poem from Introduction to Freemasonry – Entered Apprentice – by Carl H. Claudy via link

        You wish you were there to help? Then go there, I am no where near Oak Island, I am not even in Nova Scotia or the maritimes, so Im not sure what you think I can do with your secret information.

        Marty Laginas net worth exceeds $100 million, Ill let him and Rick handle oak island.

        You respect the secrets? The entire history as well as how to join and what ‘secrets’ you think they have are public knowledge.

        Only trying to help me what? I have nothing to do with Oak Island beyond my own personal interest in seeing what comes from the many treasure seekers who go there.

        Post something relevant, stop wasting peoples time posting like you are the oak island secret keeper protector. Stop being a weirdo. If you know something say something.