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The Curse of Oak Island S02E02 Review

The second episode has finished airing in Canada, which is a week behind the American TV schedule. I could just download the episodes easily but I prefer to watch them on my big screen and not on the computer. Anyways enough boring lets get down to the episode.

The actual location of the money pit is a mystery, for over 200 years many attempts have been made and because of this the Lagina brothers don’t know the actual pit location. They attempt to find it by drilling holes and sampling the dig but something goes wrong with the drilling and they run into objects around 50 feet and 100 feet and can’t dig any further. They are attempting to drill past 140 feet and find wood samples.

On another part of the island, professional metal detector and treasure hunter, Gary Drayton, scours the island in search of any clues. He is actually quite good and logical and on his first day digs up an old button that fits old military dress as well he finds ANOTHER Spanish coin.

Here’s a look at the old button.
Oak Island Treasure Old Button

Here’s a look at the 2nd Spanish coin found.
Oak Island Treasure 2nd Spanish Coin Found

After that the Lagina brothers meet up with professional treasure hunters, J. Hutton Pulitzer & Aubrey Raiford, who tell the brothers they have more clues as to what the Oak Island Treasure may be. About 40 miles away they find an inscription on a rock that can be traced back the King Solomons Temple, and according to them, leads them to believe that the Arc of the Covenant may be part of the Oak Island treasure.

Here’s a look at that rock that they believe is a hint of the treasure.
Oak Island Treasure 8 Pointed Star Rock

At the end of this episode J. Hutton Pulitzer claims he has more evidence and wants to present this in a linear fashion and this we will see in the next episode. So a new coin and button found on the island is very interesting, considering nearly nothing has been found in the previous 200 years of digging.

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  • oldclimber

    Since reading a Reader’s Digest story as a kid – 64 now – this Oak Island myth intrigues, but mostly irritates now. Stepping back from beguiling particulars to look at the bigger picture, entropy wins. This means, what thinking group would put their most valued artifacts onto rickety wooden ships, sail them across a dangerous ocean, bury them in a deep hole with elaborate, irreversible booby traps, and leave no means to recover it in the future? If your goal was to permanently hide/lose/obscure anything, why not just sink it halfway across, when no one had any ability to locate, much less recover anything lost in mid-Atlantic depths?
    Every king and despot from the beginnings of time accumulated treasure, then defended it – who ever sent their treasure off to the edge of the earth? Hidden treasure legends are apochryphal, illogical fabrications. How many hundreds of laborers, over years, would it have taken to dig/channel/excavate everything supposedly done here?

    Get some Chunnel builders over, dig it out to 300 feet, and be done with it. Prediction: zip, nada, squelch. The only Curse left now is the damn show and the loonies they drag out every other week to vent every-zanier theories. Are aliens a season 3 spoiler?