Tuesday 17th October 2017,
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Shipwreck With Lost Treasure Worth Millions Found Off West Coast Of Africa

The lost ship ‘Bom Jesus’ was lost over 500 years ago but was bound to be found sooner or later, says the team that finds these things sooner or later. Anyways. Workers from a diamond mine were working for diamonds in the area and they were notified by archaeologists that there is a possibility that a shipwreck was in that area and if they see it to please call. Well the miners created an artificial lagoon as part of the plan to mine the diamonds and this lagoon happened to affect the water levels enough to expose the shipwreck and then everyone celebrated and ate cake. Among the treasure which is worth over $16.5 million US, were dozens of Elephant Tusks, swords, chain mail armor, cannon balls and cannons to shoot them with as well many gold and silver and bronze pieces of coin and other treasures. Great find team!

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