Wednesday 18th October 2017,
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Sheriff Says Man May Have Died From Spontaneous Combustion

Sheriff Says Man May Have Died From Spontaneous Combustion

The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office ruled out homicide in the death of a Muldrow man, but has not ruled out spontaneous human combustion following the state medical examiner’s findings a day later.

“It’s very unusual and it’s bizarre and I can’t explain it,” said Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Preliminary autopsy results were released to authorities Tuesday (Feb. 19) on the 65-year-old man the sheriff believes may have died from spontaneous human combustion.

“There is some burning I guess in the trachea, so the cause of death is gone be probably heat and smoke inhalation,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart said the victim may have burned for 10 hours. “The body is burned, incinerated, like I’ve never seen before and it’s some kind of chemical reaction or something the way I can see it,” Lockhart said.

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