Tuesday 26th September 2017,
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Psychic Seems To Predict Moon Landing, Soviets Losing, Obama Winning & Claims Aliens Come In 2012

Psychic Seems To Predict Moon Landing, Soviets Losing, Obama Winning & Claims Aliens Come In 2012

Jacques Nietzermann is a psychic from France who claims to have images and flashes in his head predicting the future. In this video dated to 1980 he makes these predictions :

Told his parents in 1950 men would land on the moon with a rocket in 1969. (Obviously unverifiable)

Oil to be replaced entirely by nuclear energy.

The Soviet block losing and disappearing.

A new “Pearl Harbour” attack on US Soil between 2000 and 2010 in New York & Los Angeles.

Barack Obama (a black man as he says) becoming President and the most powerful man on the planet and viewed almost as a savior.

Aliens coming in 2012, which will not be good for us as this is where his visions of the future end.

Some of these things did happen, some did not.

Its an interesting video, skip to the last couple minutes if you like because thats when it gets real eerie. Jacques seems to not even want to tell his last prediction of alien creatures coming in 2012.

Here is another video of Jacques displaying his telekinetic powers by moving a glass of water. It happens around the 1:25 mark in the video.

Also, it appears this man was arrested for murder as this newspaper clipping comes up when you search his name.

Translation : The medium of the Sarthe finally stopped! We announced in yesterday’s edition, the probable arrest of Jacques Nietzermann who had fled abroad for 22 years. The official information is from last night. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Jacques Nitzermann was arrested. While on the way to Le Mans (Sarthe), gendarmerie intercepted him not far from the town of Bonnetable. According to the Commander Bertaud, the fugitive failed to show any signs of aggression: “It was almost unconditionally. Knew I could not do much, had lost the game.” Immediately moved to Alençon prison to serve his sentence of 45 years in prison, has provoked an outcry across the region, where Jacques Nietzermann not leave good memories … Commander Bertaud says …: “It is difficult to locate, moved a lot, but always with discretion.” Is it a page of 22-year history that the people of the region is about to turn.

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