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Brothers Marty and Rick Lagina from Michigan have been planning to tackle the Oak Island curse for years and now they have turned their treasure hunt into the hit reality tv show on History, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. The first season was only 5 episodes and a 2nd season is now in the works. After digging all over the island and finally draining a man made swamp, which was in the shape of a triangle said to possible be linked to Knights Templar, they finally found a piece of treasure on the last episode. Behold, the spanish piece of 8 bronze coin found on Oak Island.

Oak Island Laginas Brothers Coin

This coin can be dated back to around 1652 by comparing to the same coin in better shape, below.

1652 Spanish Pirace oin 9 Maravedis COB

You can watch full episode of The Curse of Oak Island on Historys website at

Oak Island is located off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada and has had people digging at it for over 200 years. Many legends surround the island but until this coin was found no real concrete evidence of the treasure has been found. Some legends detail it possible being the Lost Ark while others think Captain Kidd the famous pirate buried his treasure hoard here.

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  • Bfarr

    So what’s it worth?

    • Depends on what the actual treasure is? Maybe its all made up and there is nothing, if so, then its worth nothing.

      • Bfarr

        The coin alone has value. Was wondering what it by itself was worth. I can look it up but seems like it would be included in the story.

      • corey

        Search the coins name on eBay, there are several 1600’s Spanish coins for $1-$15 haha

  • Antonio Moreira

    Nice!!!! So mysterious, thanks for sharing.