Saturday 23rd September 2017,
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New Ancient Dino-Like Sea Monster Found In Scotland

New Ancient Dino-Like Sea Monster Found In Scotland

They call these giant sea monsters, Ichthyosaur, and science is still learning about them everyday. This latest sea monster lived around the time of the dinosaurs but belongs to its own family, Ichthyosaur, which basically means giant sea monsters that can grow to over 16 meters or 52 feet long. Scientists have named this new one found around Loch Ness Seas in Scotland, Dearcmhara Shawcrossi which translated from Scottish Gaelic to English is Lizard Sea Monster discovered by Shawcross.

Scientists in Scotland have found a prehistoric behemoth: a previously unknown species of reptile that lived in the oceans during the time of dinosaurs. And before you ask, no, scientists do not believe this new fossil has anything to do with the Loch Ness Monster.

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