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MHTV Weekly Web Wrap Up Show #07 September 7, 2013

MHTV Weekly Web Wrap Up Show #07 September 7, 2013

On this weeks wrap up summary of the news we check in with Stubbs the cat Mayor in Alaska, A new London tower is dubbed The Fryscraper, Vietnamese recordings used by the US Army during that war, A UFO is seen flying over New York highways and at a Canadian baseball game, Charlie Sheen continues to cryptid hunt, Joe Rogan questions psychic spies & another UFO is caught on tape by children playing in a backyard in Brazil.

Stubbs The Cat Mayor of an Alaskan Town Gets Mauled By Dog

London’s Newest Skyscraper Melts Cars & Fries Eggs

‘Wandering Soul’ Psychological Operations In The Vietnam War

UFO Caught Flying Over New York’s Highways

UFO Seen By Many At Canadian Baseball Game

Charlie Sheen Still Crytpid Hunting, Visits Alaska To Find Kushtaka Beast

Joe Rogan Questions Everything Psychic Spies

UFO Caught Flying Over Brazil

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