Tuesday 26th September 2017,
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Mexican Government Releases ‘Proof’ of E.T.’s and Ancient Space Travel

Mexican Government Releases ‘Proof’ of E.T.’s and Ancient Space Travel

Are these artifacts recently unveiled by the Mexican Government proof that ET has visited us in the past? These stone tablets going back some 1,300 years have some interesting images carved into them and it’s easy to understand that one could definitely see these images as ancient astronauts and space travel.

CALAKMUL, MEXICO (INTELLIHUB) — Newly released Mayan documents, i.e. artifacts, dating back at least 1300-years reveal that the human race is not alone and highly advanced technologies including space travel have likely existed for quite some time.

Not only does this documentation released by the Mexican government show the existence of an explorer race, it may also reveal the roots of mankind.

Some consider the government’s presentation of the information to be a major step forward for humanity as the truth is finally being slowly let out. Hopefully this will prompt other governments around the world to be more forthcoming with such information, turning the tide in the UFO and extraterrestrial research community for good.

sources : http://intellihub.com/2013/11/30/mexican-government-releases-proof-of-e-t-s-and-ancient-space-travel/

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