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Meet The Real Life Popeye, Mostafa Ismail, From Massachusetts, 31 Inch Biceps

Meet The Real Life Popeye, Mostafa Ismail, From Massachusetts, 31 Inch Biceps

At 24 years old Mostafa Ismail is the official Guinness Worlds Biggest Bicep Record Holder. He has spent at the last ten years of his life and a healthy diet to get his 31 inch biceps. They call him ‘Big Mo’ in Massachusetts today but his story begins in Egypt where he was born and started his hardcore workout routines.

Article Updated October 2013 : Looks like Mostafa is no longer a record holder. He admitted to steroid use in Egypt where he claims anyone can buy them over the counter. He alleges when he moved to Boston, USA he quit using them. Commenter below notes that he may be using Synthol, an injection for humans to make them appear to have big muscles, and after searching synthol images on the interet it would appear that is likely the case here.

Mostafa cannot even be searched on the Guiness Records website http://www.metro.us/boston/news/local/2012/09/18/metro-exclusive-guinness-takes-another-look-at-boston-mans-biggest-bicep-title/

Published on Sep 13, 2012 by Jemy PRIME
Biggest biceps: Popeye lookalike Mostafa Ismail, 24, from Massachusetts, has spent ten years pumping iron twice a day to get his 31 in biceps. He eats lots of chicken rather than spinach – which he hates.

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  • Zadok

    He’s injected his arms with Synthol. It is not muscle. He’s a duche-bag who inflates his muscles with oil. Only idiots would believe that is real muscle. Please correct this report.

    • Indeed it does appear to be Synthol and it looks like Guinness has removed his world record.