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March 3 : This Day In Mystery History

March 3 : This Day In Mystery History

March 3 1863
The National Conscription Act is signed, forcing all men between 20 and 45 years of age into the draft lotteries. Except for rich bastards, who could buy their way out for $300, or hire another man to serve in his place. The inevitable result is the week-long New York Draft Riots.

March 3 1931
An English beer drinking song becomes the National Anthem of the United States.

March 3 1934
John Dillinger escapes from an escape-proof jail in Crown Point Indiana, using a wooden pistol he carved himself. It’s his second escape.

March 3 1967
The Berkeley Barb reports that banana peels can make you high. Apparently lots of people can be fooled into thinking that the resulting “bananadine” extract is a hallucinogenic Mellow Yellow.

March 3 1991
Los Angles Police officers are filmed beating black motorist Rodney King with nightsticks. Television news stations repeatedly air the film nationwide. Four whites are charged with the beating on Marchch 15, and when they are found not guilty, Los Angeles erupts in riot.

March 3 2006
British glam rocker Gary Glitter is sentenced to three years in a Vietnamese prison for molesting two girls, 10 and 11. His sentence also includes mandatory deportation and payment of 5m Vietnamese dong (about $315.00) to the girl’s families. 61-year-old Glitter denies all wrongdoing and claims to be the victim of a tabloid newspaper conspiracy.

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