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March 21 : This Day In Mystery History

March 21 : This Day In Mystery History

March 21 1843
According to Biblical crackpot William Miller, Christ would return sometime in the year following this day in 1843. After Jesus failed to appear by the next March, Miller claimed it was the result of an arithmetic error and recalculated the deadline to be October 22, 1844. The Lord was AWOL on that date also.

March 21 1962
In 1962, A bear becomes the first creature to be ejected at supersonic speeds.

March 21 1963
Alcatraz Prison closes for good.

March 21 1976
In 1976, David Bowie and Iggy Pop were arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession in New York. They were released on $2,000 bail. The charges were dropped.

March 21 1980
Mobster Angelo Bruno killed with a shotgun blast to the head while he waits in his car after dinner. The Genovese family thus asserted Philadelphia’s traditional claim to Atlantic City. His replacement is his former capo Phil “Chicken Man” Testa.
Angelo Bruno a shotgun murder mob hit

March 21 1984
Actor Dudley Moore arrested for beating his girlfriend. Charges were dropped at her request and Moore married the foolish woman.

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