Friday 22nd September 2017,
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Loch Ness Monster Spotted On Apple Maps Satellite Imagery

Nessie has been spotted via satellite imagery hosted by Apple Maps servers. You cannot find this image on Bing or Google maps, only on Apples and on top of that only on SOME iPhones and iPads. Very mysterious. These screenshots were submitted to Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club by Andrew Dixon, a resident of North East England.

The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club has been studying these images for the past 6 months and have declared them to NOT be official Loch Ness photographs but that the image shows a boats wake. The folks over at MetaBunk also claim it is a boat and make a convincing case that it is and that most satellite images show moving sea vessels as blurred out by the surrounding waters only having their wakes show up in the photos. Take a look at their case here.

Others have stated it could be a basking shark or a whale shark, and to remember that the Loch Ness Lake is connected to the ocean, so it is possible many large marine type animals may swim through its areas once in a while.

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Loch Ness Spotted April 2014 1

Loch Ness Spotted April 2014 2

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  • dude

    its a fricken whale shark

  • G-Squirrel

    This is not anything but photoshop trickery. This is an image of a boat that can be found farther north east of the lock and has been manipulated to look like its underwater and obscure. The boat found in the other part of the lock has the same shape and wake.

  • G-Squirrel

    Proof its FAKE!