Tuesday 17th October 2017,
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Japanese Superhero, Mangetsu-man, Fights Grime Not Crime

Japanese Superhero, Mangetsu-man, Fights Grime Not Crime

Armed only with a dust pan, a broom and the urge to keep Tokyo sparkling clean at all times, introducing, Mangetsu-man. He is the latest super hero to make an appearance, but his mission does not include crime but grime, as in dirty greasy no good dusty grime.

His mission is going well so far as the world as not been attacked by any radioactive dust specks in recent history. As Mangetsu-man would say “Unlike other heroes I don’t have any special powers or weapons. All I have is my broom and dust pan. But I want to prove that I can help bring peace to the work through the power of cleaning”

source : http://www.cnet.com/news/superhero-mangetsu-man-fights-grime-instead-of-crime/

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