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January 7 : Today In Mystery History

January 7 : Today In Mystery History

Jan 7 1943
Nikola Tesla dead. The inventor of alternating current, Tesla was driven mad by Edison and spent his final days trying to invent a death ray.

Jan 7 1948
Residents of Maysville and nearby towns report UFO sightings, and at 2:45 PM, the US Air National Guard investigates. Capt. Thomas Mantell radios that the craft is “metallic and tremendous in size”. It may have been a weather balloon. At 3:18 PM Mantell’s P-51 goes down, the first UFO related fatality.

Jan 7 1950
Thirty-nine lunatics and one normal person die in the Mercy Hospital fire, Davenport IA.

Jan 7 1961
Young hoodlum Al Pacino arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. He and his compatriots were driving around a suburb of Providence RI, in the middle of the night, wearing masks and gloves. Not suspicious at all.
Al Pacino arrested

Jan 7 1989
Marine biologist Emperor Hirohito dead from cancer. Prior to his scientific career, Hirohito was the highest profile unindicted war criminal, presiding over such events as the Rape of Nanking and the unnecessary deaths of over 1 million Japanese in 1945 after it became quite clear the war was lost.

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