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January 17 : This Day In Mystery History

January 17 : This Day In Mystery History

Jan 17 1893
White people, businessmen and sugar planters helped by U.S. troops, overthrow Queen Lili?uokalani of Hawaii. The islands become the Republic of Hawaii before being annexed by the U.S. in 1898.

Jan 17 1899
Al Capone’s birthday.

Jan 17 1950
Seven men wearing Halloween masks rob the Brink’s office in Boston of $1.2M cash, and $1.5M securities. One of the robbers confesses to the job in 1953, eleven days before the statute of limitations was to expire.

Jan 17 1961
President Eisenhower warns us of the evils of the “military industrial complex”. Did we listen carefully enough?

Jan 17 1966
An American B-52 collides with its tanker aircraft during refueling over the town of Palomares, Spain. Seven crew members are killed in the resulting jet fuel explosion. Also, three 10-megaton hydrogen bombs crash near the town. Although none of them detonates, two rupture, scattering powdered plutonium over 558 acres of farmland. The USA hauls away 1,600 tons of soil and tomato plants and disposes of them in Aiken, South Carolina.

Jan 17 1977
After refusing appeals and demanding his death sentence, double murderer Gary Gilmore is given a hood and shot by a Utah Firing Squad in the first U.S. execution in ten years.

Jan 17 1994
The massive “Northridge Earthquake” strikes Los Angeles, producing a ground pulse far greater than its 6.7 magnitude would indicate. It causes 61 deaths and damages reaching $20 billion. The quake is by far the most expensive cataclysm in U.S. history.

Jan 17 1995
One year after the Northridge quake in California, a large 7.2 quake strikes Kobe Japan, killing 5,090, leaving 1.5 million homeless, and causing damage of approximately $200 billion dollars. It is the most destructive quake in Japan since the 1923 Kanto disaster.

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