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James Randi Debunks Magnetic Japanese Man

James Randi Debunks Magnetic Japanese Man

There are several people the world over claiming to be magnetic and sticking all sorts of objects to themselves. This is when renowned supernatural debunk-er, James Randi, comes onto a Japanese TV show to debunk this myth.

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Curious how ordinary talcum powder vanishes with the magnetic powers, huh? Randi must have some special anti-magnetic powder! lol

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  • Jacob Rothmann

    ProSieben – Galileo featured Miroslaw Magola who promotes Telekinesis. Real Magneto, X- Men, Miroslaw Magola’s telekinesis is achieved by projecting a portion of his consciousness in the object that he want to move.

    Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku : THE FUTURE OF THE MIND: The scientific quest to understand, enhance, and empower the mind.” And his quest to promote: “Telepathy. Telekinesis. Mind reading. Photographing a dream. Uploading memories. Mentally controlled robots.”

    Kaku claims all of “these feats” have already been achieved. “These feats, once considered science fiction, have now been achieved in the laboratory, as documented in THE FUTURE OF THE MIND,” Kaku’s website declares.

    Kaku notes that his “book goes even further, analyzing when one day we might have a complete map of the brain, or a back up Brain 2.0, which may allow scientists to send consciousness throughout the universe.” Miroslaw Magola alias “Magnetic Man,” ( Magnet Mann ) known form Stan Lee’s Superhumans – MInd Force who allegedly exhibits telekinetic powers aired on History and Discovery Channel born in Poland and now living in Germany. He claims he can lift objects off the floor, transport them through the air and force them to stick to his body – all using the power of his mind .

    He was investigated by Prof. Dr. Dr. Ruhenstroth-­Bauer and Dr. Friedbert Karger of the Max Planck Institute and Dr. David Lewis (psychologist), a neurophysiologist at MindLab, one of the United Kingdom’s leading neuro-research centers and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, professor of Physics at St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia and Alexander Imich from USA.

  • rony watson