Wednesday 18th October 2017,
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James Gilliland – Contact Has Begun

James Gilliland – Contact Has Begun

At first this 1 hour and 23 minute documentary seems to be about a bunch of Hippies living together on a compound quickly turns into what appears to be the real UFO McCoy. It is easy to be skeptical about anyone posting videos that only seem to reveal lights in the sky, which could be anything, but turns into a whole different story when black and dark green military helicopters and jet fighters chase them over his compound.

Check out this photo with some of the footage James has taken of military aircraft flying around his property.

James Gilliland Military Aircraft VS UFOs

James even claims that the military has even tried to make a fool of him by flying helicopters with bright lights made to look like the UFOs he has been filming, but the noise is obvious, you can always hear a human powered aircraft, where as the UFOs are always silent.

James has a lot to say about these UFOs and says that they beamed him aboard their ships and have given him information on how to raise humanities consciousnesses. It would be easy to brush that off has hippie talk but James has a lot of videotape of UFOs on his property, which gives him some credibility on the subject. Keeping an open mind this documentary is very interesting and well worth your time.

James Gillilands website

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