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Doctors Claim Indian Baby Has Case Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Doctors Claim Indian Baby Has Case Of Spontaneous Human Combustion

Rahul is only two and a half months old but he has been admitted to the local hospital several times with mysterious burns on his body. His mother claims she has seen her baby covered head to toe’s in flames that appear to come from nowhere.

Doctors says baby Rahul’s internal organs are fine but that he must be emitting some gas from his pours and any nearby flame will start light him up and they advise the parents to keep in a cold place away from any flames or sparks.

Paediatrician Dr Narayana Babu, who is treating Rahul, said the baby emitted some highly combustible gas through the pores of his skin, which made him catch fire. “We have not identified the gas yet,” said Dr Babu.

The case has stunned doctors in the city. There are many theories about the poorly understood condition, ranging from high acetone content in the body to the paranormal. Some doctors say everyone has certain amount of alcohol present in their blood and when its content is high, it combines with the gases in the body; resulting in burns.

“More than 20 years ago, we saw a similar case of a 23-year-old man, but it went undocumented,” said Dr Jayaraman, former head of the burns unit in KMC. “Several theories of SHC do the rounds but they are very vague and not backed by scientific proof. Though there is no special cure for the condition, it can be treated like a regular burn injury,” he said.

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