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December 19 : This Day In Mystery History

December 19 : This Day In Mystery History

December 19 1918
Robert Ripley began his “Believe It or Not” column in The New York Globe .

December 19 1941
Twelve days after Pearl Harbor, Franklin D. Roosevelt under authority of Congress, created the Office of Censorship. The bureau had discretion over communications with foreign countries. Participation by domestic publishers was “voluntary”.

December 19 1971
A Clockwork Orange opens, originally given an X rating. Censors objected more to the sex scenes than the orgies of ultraviolence, which is rather odd. Director Stanley Kubrik later earns an R by removing some of the smuttier footage.

December 19 1991
Yankee’s pitcher Steve Howe arrested for criminal possession of cocaine. It’s merely one of NINE TIMES this has happened (and seven suspensions, plus one drunk driving arrest.)

December 19 1997
Disgruntled postal worker Anthony Deculit enters a Milwaukee post office at 12:45 A.M., shoots his supervisor in the right eye, and kills a fellow coworker. The supervisor had written Deculit up for sleeping on the job. After the shootings he rendered himself dead with the 9mm solution, a shot through the mouth.

December 19 1997
The pilot of a SilkAir plane deliberately flies into a mangrove swamp in Indonesia, committing suicide and killing all 104 people aboard. The pilot, Captain Tsu Way Ming, was in debt and had personal problems, had taken a $3M insurance policy prior to the crash. To cover his tracks, he disconnected the flight recorder prior to downing the aircraft.

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