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Daytime Orb & Night Time Orb Cluster : March 2012

Daytime Orb & Night Time Orb Cluster : March 2012

Published on Mar 22, 2012 by openureyes10

March 20, 2012 — while filming in the distance saw what at first appeared to be possible feather fluttering in the wind saw due to its flight pattern it wasn’t– so removed camera from tripod and filmed this cute small white Orb around 7 pm.. It was fairly close to me downstairs in courtyard.. I called my husband out to see it.. This was first Orb hubby has seen with naked eye.. Orb was meandering along and suddenly increased speed and went straight up into the sky, Night time Orb cluster was filmed on 17th March and was along curve in retaining wall. This is second time I’ve seen this cluster there- but 1st time to film it..

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