Friday 22nd September 2017,
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Curse of Oak Island Season 2 Begins

The first season brought everyone up to speed with The Money Pit aka Oak Island. Nobody knows the exact treasure origins, rumors talk of montezumas lost gold to the knights templar holy grail and the arc. The first season was great and it showed everyone the famous coin they found, pictured above.

The beginning of Season 2 has the Lagina brothers having the coin examined by a third party to see if it is similar to lost treasure and coins found in similar circumstances or if it was planted. After a thorough analysis and cleaning, the coin is proven to match the environment it was found in as well a date was found after cleaning, the year 1652, seen in the photo below. (Similar coins have been found, pretty much the exact coin over here)

Curse of Oak Island Season 2 Begins treasure coins (1)

Its still winter so its a little easier to run more metal scans. In the summer its a lot harder to fight in the muck, it looked almost like fun to do in the winter. They find the same anomaly in the same area around the coin was found.

As the spring thaws everything, the team discuss their future plans in the war room and deal with waiting for special permits to start moving the dirt and water around. Really well done beginning to season 2.

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