Thursday 19th October 2017,
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Couple Falls To Their Deaths In Portugal While Taking Selfies With Children

Portugal Couple Selfie Causes Death Cliff

Imagine you are on vacation with your parents, and they want to take some selfies with you and your siblings. As you smile and your mom or dad hold the camera, the ground shuffles, and something goes terribly wrong. Your parents, who were moments ago had a hand on your shoulder have now fallen to their deaths down a 200 foot cliff in Portugal. Thats exactly what happened in the photo above, as a Polish couple vacationed in Portugal with their three children.

Police and search rescue crews have still not located the parents bodies as they did fall right into the ocean and the tide and current power have swept them into the unknown, somehow the children all survived the death selfie and did not fall over the cliff with parents.

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  • Paul707

    Interesting :)

  • Joe M

    well… just like guns kill people ,,, selfies kill people to