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Check Out ‘redchun – Bigfoot Mini Doc’ On YouTube

Check Out ‘redchun – Bigfoot Mini Doc’ On YouTube

YouTuber redchun aka John investigates Bigfoot in western Pennsylvania, USA. At first he claims he didn’t believe in Bigfoot but after going out with friends and doing research he know’s something is out there. This documentary has John narrating with some Bigfoot Hunting videos mixed in. 30 Minutes Long.

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Published on Sep 1, 2013
Some old and new footage.Detailing some of my experiences while researching the elusive Sasquatch.I have received at least a dozen sighting reports directly to me from this area or very near this area.When I go into a sighting location,I rarely go directly to the exact spot.I do a survey of the surroundings via Google Earth and pinpoint a location based on cover,food sources and water sources.Opinions are always welcome,bashing is not.

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