Friday 22nd September 2017,
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Charles Cosimano or Evil Uncle Chucky Claims To Control Minds With His Flashlight Powers

Charles Cosimano or Evil Uncle Chucky Claims To Control Minds With His Flashlight Powers

Will you fall far Evil Uncle Chuckys powers? This video was found in the darkest deepest corners of Youtube. Viewer beware, do not operate heavy machinery while watching this video. Now, presenting, Charles Cosimano “Psionics and Light”

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  • Todd

    Cosimano is a fake and a liar. He is into sadomasicism, and publicly writes about this. He is involved with Satanism. Look at his website, he admits to all of this. He has no money. If he were as powerful as he claims to be, he would have a house and not be living in a rented apartment, paid for by his wife. He was/is a severe alcoholic who had severe pancreatitis from the heavy drinking. He is know to go into bars, and drink the rest of drinks left by customers after they leave. I had a friend who knew him, and he tried to trick her into letting him tie her up, in a big wooden chair. This chair had thick leather straps, about one inch thick, for all 4 limbs, and a strap for the waist. He told this woman that the straps would keep her pulse points down to the wood, and help her meditate. We guess that if she had been stupid enough to let him tie her up, other people he knew (Satanists) would have picked her up in the chair, taken her somewhere private tortured and raped her, and probably ritually sacrifieced her. She said that she saw a big bejeweled dagger nearby (jeweless of course fake). Cosimano also lost his house ( that had no mortgage on it, it was inherited from his parents, he could on pay the local taxes) to foreclosure. He has no power, he is just a con artist. He is a truly evil man who is a danger to society.

  • Dineen

    As far as his psi magic course goes, it is junk. a waste of time and money. I know someone who tried it, and was horribly disappointed by it. The Cosimano book Psionic Power: the high technology of psychic power by Llewellyn’s new age psi tech series is equally bad. Cosimano sells fake cheap junk that is only worth a few dollars, for way too much money (hundreds). If you look on his website, he makes a lot of wild claims. He offers no proof whatsoever that he can do/or has done anything psychic or magical. There is no proof at all for anything he has ever said. He is just a creep trying to sell overpriced books, and fake radionics equipment, that is unnecessary. I saw on his website that he writes about being a sexual sadist. YUK. He also writes about having heart problems, and having to see a cardiologist. Gee, why can’t he use his well developed wizard powers to fix his heart problems? Or to be able to use his magic powers to get off all the cardiac medications he must take to stay alive? Because he can’t, he can’t even cure his own body, and he knows it. He really is just a pathetic fake.