Mysterious Object/Craft Crashes Through Saturns F Ring

This is not shopped in any way. This photo was pulled straight from NASAs archive of CASSINIs Photo Archive and was taken April 8, 2016. The round looking moon in the bottom right is just that, one on Saturns 62, yes SIXTY TWO moons, of which only 53 have actual names. There are so many rooms, some of them even orbit in the rings.

So CASSINI beamed this photo back to earth and NASA still doesn’t know what it is or how close it will come to earth. They also say they have spotted around 500 of these objects, some of which may be the same one, but have seen multiple objects in the same photos.

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Muhammad Ali, RIP The Greatest UFO Witness Of All Time

Cassius Marcellus Clay aka Muhammad Ali was a boxing champion known as the Greatest. He had 56 wins, 37 knock outs and spoke like a poet and boy did he know it. Anyways. He was also a witness to UFO activity many times during his life. During his boxing training he would be running and would notice UFO activity such as them following him or even watching them fly around way up in the sky. RIP Cassius. Ali believed the UFOs brought peace and friendly visitors from other worlds.

Here’s his boxing record.

“If you look into the sky in the early morning you see them playing tag between the stars.” – Muhammad Ali

NASA Moon Pilot, Edgar Mitchell, 85, aka The Original Moon G, Has Died

RIP To the original Moon G. Edgar Mitchell is on the left of this photo and if we know anything about this cowboy he’s declaring that this photo is not big enough for the two of them. After his moon missions with NASA he challenged the US Government to disclose what they knew about aliens, declaring he himself knows they are real and it is time to end the cover up.

Mitchell was born in Hereford, Texas, on Sept. 17, 1930 but considered his hometown Artesia, N.M., near Roswell. Mitchell was open about his views on the paranormal and psychic, and he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which sponsors research into the nature of consciousness, or studying the unexplained. In his 1996 memoir, “The Way of the Explorer,” he described the experience on his return to Earth as life-changing.

“What I experienced during that three-day trip home was nothing short of an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness. I actually felt what has been described as an ecstasy of unity,” he said.

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