Tuesday 17th October 2017,
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Bigfoot Filmed In Sequoia National Forest, California

Bigfoot Filmed In Sequoia National Forest, California

***UPDATE : This video is now a known hoax by film student Shawn Bannon. The name of his film was ‘Creature in the Giant Sequoias’. Shawn Bannon had tried to pass the footage off as real but if you look at internet rule number one : You can’t lie to the internet. Even after being a proven hoax, Shawn has set his original video to private (first video below) and claims that he does not want to exploit this creature anymore, insisting it is still real. Which it is not. ***

This is a clip from footage shot in 2005 by Shawn Bannon, Eric Baxter & Aaron Wise with 32 and 16 mm film cameras. It appears to show one of them running from the beast and then cuts to the beast running from them.

Uploaded by Shawn Bannon on Dec 19, 2006
All of the Bigfoot footage you are about to see was shot within the matter of about a minute it is Slowed Down & Magnified.

NEW VIDEOS prove its a hoax below…

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