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August 13 : This Day In Mystery History

August 13 : This Day In Mystery History

August 13 1521
After an 80-day siege, Spanish conquistador Hernando Cort├ęs captures Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire. When the Spaniards fail to discover Montezuma’s treasure, they torture Cuauhtemoc by pouring hot oil over his feet. The emperor responds by asking, “Am I on a bed of roses?” They hang him three years later.

August 13 1926
Fidel Castro is born on his father’s 23,000-acre sugar cane plantation near Biran, Cuba.

August 13 1942
Walt Disney’s Bambi premieres in New York City.

August 13 1986
11 Mexican peace officers abduct DEA special agent Victor Cortez, Jr. along with an informant. The two are taken to a Guadalajara police station, where the men are beaten and tortured for four hours in an attempt to extract the names of other American drug enforcement agents operating in Mexico. The pair are freed only after Cortez’s superior somehow arrives at the station and demands their immediate release.

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