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April 4 : This Day In Mystery History

April 4 : This Day In Mystery History

April 4 1561
Over Nuremberg, Germany, a battle in the sky transpires between black and blood-red balls, disks, and crosses. It is never made clear who prevailed in this UFO incident.

April 4 1958
Lana Turner’s 14 year old daughter stabs her mother’s boyfriend. A coroner’s jury finds she committed justifiable homicide.

April 4 1968
Martin Luther King, Jr. is shot dead by a sniper in Memphis, Tennessee.

April 4 1988
Arizona Governor Evan Mecham becomes the first U.S. governor to be impeached and removed from office in nearly 60 years. He was convicted for obstructing justice by discouraging a state official from investigating a death threat, and also misusing $80,000 in public money. Mecham was known for rescinding the state’s observation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, requesting lists of state employees who were gay, and using the word “pickaninnies.”

April 4 2006
Brian J. Doyle, a Department of Homeland Security official, is arrested and charged with using a computer to seduce a child as well as 16 counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor. Doyle had arranged a meeting with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl but turned out to be police. In chat, he bragged about working for DHS and sent her pornographic movies.

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