Anchor From Notorious Pirate Blackbeards Ship Found Off North Carolina Coast

Dead men tell no tales, but the sea does, as shown Friday when an anchor was recovered from the wreckage of pirate Blackbeard’s flagship.

An expedition off the North Carolina coast hoisted the nearly 3,000-pound anchor, one of three belonging to the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Crews were working in just 20 feet of water, according to the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources.

The Queen Anne’s Revenge is believed to have run aground in the shallow waters off Beaufort in 1718. The ship was discovered in 1996, with piecemeal recovery of artifacts intensifying only a few years ago.

Beachcomber stumbles upon historic shipwreck

Staff from the department’s Underwater Archaeology Branch are focused on “conducting a detailed assessment of the main mound to determine strategies for dis-assembly and recovery,” according to the Queen Anne’s Revenge website.

Conservation of the anchor may take four years.

The expedition is trying to score a trove of 18th-century goods, which will be used to educate the public and raise awareness of underwater preservation efforts. The site has already yielded more than 250,000 artifacts, including cannons, gold, platters, glass, beads, shackles and rope, according to the state.

The largest exhibit of fully conserved artifacts from the shipwreck will open at the N.C. Maritime Museum in Beaufort on June 11, the Department of Cultural Resources said in a statement.

Captain Kidd was funded by London’s elite

An article published in March on the Smithsonian website said the Queen Anne’s Revenge was found to have about 225,000 pieces of lead shot and at least 25 cannons, many of them still loaded.

Romanticized in history books as a notorious ruffian, Blackbeard, born in Britain as Edward Teach, terrorized Atlantic seafarers from the shores of the American colonies to the Caribbean.

In November 1718, the captain, believed to be in his late 30s, died in combat against British naval forces. He was on board another vessel, Adventure.

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Japanese Village Claims To Be Burial Site Of Jesus Christ

Welcome to Shingo, Aomori, Japan. A Japanese village with an estimated population of 2,830 and promotes itself as Kirisuto no Haka which translates to Home of Christ.

Shing? village claims to be the last resting-place of Jesus, buried in the “Tomb of Jesus.” According to the local lore, Jesus traveled to Japan at the age of 21, where he studied theology for 12 years, after which he returned to Judea at the age of 33. He did not die on the cross at Golgotha. Instead his brother, Isukiri, took his place on the cross, while Jesus fled across Siberia to Mutsu Province, in northern Japan, where he became a rice farmer, married, and raised a family near what is now Shing?. Entrepreneurs sell memorabilia and Jesus souvenirs to the tourists. Another tomb in Shing? is said to contain an ear of the brother of Jesus and a lock of hair from the Virgin Mary. The claims started in 1933 after the discovery of supposed “ancient Hebrew documents detailing Jesus’ life and death in Japan” that was supposedly the testament of Jesus. These documents were allegedly seized by the Japanese authorities and taken to Tokyo shortly before World War II and have not been seen since.

The English text on the sign explaining the legend of the Tomb of Christ reads:

When Jesus Christ was 21 years old, he came to Japan and pursued knowledge of divinity for 12 years. He went back to Judea at age 33 and engaged in his mission. However, at that time, people in Judea would not accept Christ’s preaching. Instead, they arrested him and tried to crucify him on a cross. His younger brother, Isukiri casually took Christ’s place and ended his life on the cross. Christ, who escaped the crucifixion, went through the ups and downs of travel, and again came to Japan. He settled right here in what is now called Herai Village, and died at the age of 106. On this holy ground, there is dedicated a burial mound on the right to deify Christ, and a grave on the left to deify Isukiri. The above description was given in a testament by Jesus Christ.

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May 31 2009 : Mysterious UFO Filmed By Russian Airline Passenger

Passengers on a Russian Airliner headed from Moscow to Perm, filmed this UFO on Sunday, 31 May 2009. The previous evening, Russian Media published a story that workers in the city of Sarapul witnessed what they believed was the Russian Soyuz rocket launched earlier from Pletsk.

May 31 2009 : Mysterious UFO Filmed By Russian Airline Passenger

Mysterious Virus Kills Second Victim In South Korea

Health officials in South Korea reported that a second person has died after being infected with an unknown virus.

According to news reports, eight patients from different parts of the country have been hospitalized in recent months with similar cold or flu-like symptoms, including cough and difficulty breathing. Seven of the eight had recently given birth or were expecting. The first victim to die was nine months pregnant; the second was also due to deliver before her death. Doctors were able to save both babies. The expectant women died of multiple organ failure triggered by severe scarring and thickening of the lung tissue.

The first fatality occurred on May 10 and the second at 4 a.m. yesterday. The two women, 32 and 36 years old, died before they were able to deliver their babies, whose lives were saved when doctors induced labor on their mothers. According to TIME magazine, “The expectant women died of multiple organ failure triggered by severe scarring and thickening of the lung tissue,” and the onset of the illness is similar to cold or flu-like symptoms with a cough and difficulty breathing.

The sickness is being called “acute interstitial pneumonia” by authorities and officials are in the process of analyzing its DNA structure. Health officials are also questioning if “a new viral or even bacterial agent might be circulating in the country.”

Four people are still hospitalized and two were released, only after receiving lung transplants. The KCDC said they are searching the various university hospitals across the country to check for others suffering from the strange symptoms.

Health officials are conducting DNA tests on the virus isolated from the patients to identify the cause of the infection. Two of the patients have tested positive for the common cold virus and adenovirus, but doctors believe these agents aren’t responsible for the more severe symptoms they have seen in the affected patients. They are investigating whether a new viral or even bacterial agent might be circulating in the country.

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Enormous Crop Circle Found In Russia

Ordinary size crop circles not doing for you? Then check out this formation in Znamensky, Russia that blows away any comparison with Farmer Maggot’s old corn field.

The size of the formation probably measures around 2 kilometers and emerged in a field immediately adjacent to a major road.

The pictures are pretty good but as the size of this crop circle is so large a proper overhead image is needed to see exactly what shape and size the individual components are. Could it be a map of some importance? A QR code? Or a hidden message intended for humanity?

The local news also covered this impressive phenomenon, showing a decent number of people stopping and taking pictures or walking in amongst the flattened corn.

The hunt is on for the two doddery old duffers who are responsible for this latest work of agricultural graffiti because entertaining the notion that this is beyond human skill is preposterous, right?

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