April 28 2011 : UFO Filmed Over Apsheronsk, Russia

A UFO was seen over the city of Apsheronsk in the south of Russia by a number of witnesses. At least three individuals managed to filmy the clearly visible craft. The sighting occurred in the evening as is obvious from the footage below.

Apsheronsk lies not far from the Black see where it has been suggested by de-classified military documents that a UFO base might exist. Some observers have suggested that the frequency of UFO sightings in this region of Russia is also connected to natural resources in the area that might be of interest to alien visitors.

Recently a number of inquiries have been made by the public to the Interior Ministry requesting information on the extent of a secret alien presence in Russia, however the ministry denies all knowledge of such matters.

Yuri Litvanov worked for fifteen years as a document handler for the ministry and noted “I can say that this is not the case, for certain. They do know something”.

UFO Spotted Hovering Over Royal Wedding Location, Filmed By Tourist

A tourist in London filmed a UFO hovering over Westminster Abbey – the venue for tomorrow’s Royal Wedding.

The 2½-minute video footage shows a shimmering white object in a cloudless blue sky near Big Ben.

It seems to move and shift shape – but to have three sections, like the starship USS Enterprise from TV’s Star Trek.

The tourist who posted it on the internet wrote: “First we thought it was a parachute but it was way too high up.

“It changed shape but stayed there for at least 30 minutes. Then I lost sight of it.”

The sighting emerged shortly after a retired US Air Force major predicted extra-terrestrials would visit Earth to see Wills and Kate tie the knot.

UFO researcher George Filer said mystery craft were often spotted during major world events.

He claimed he had already been tipped off by RAF pilots about an increasing number of recent sightings over the English Channel.

British UFO expert Nick Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence, said: “I think it should be investigated if it’s feared it could be a threat to the Royals.”

YouTube Source : http://www.youtube.com/user/retrobanana1973

Video Description :

19.03.2011 – While visiting London with our family, my daughter spotted a small white ‘thing’ across London sky. We are standing with our back to Tower of ‘Big Ben’. First we thought it was a parachute, but it was way to high up in the sky. As i zoomed in it looked like a cloud that changed shape. It stayed there for at least about 30 minutes. As the rest of the family wanted to proceed with the tour, i was not able to check how long it stayed there during the day. I lost sight of it.
If you look closely you will also initally see a small white spot next to it in the first frames(top-left). What did I see? Is it just a cloud? Why did it stay so long in one place. Is there a sientific explanation? – Sony DV digital Handycam, 120x digital zoom: DCR-TRV24E –

One Hundred Ancient Maya Buildings Detected Under Guatemala Rain Forest

Hidden for centuries, the ancient Maya city of Holtun, or Head of Stone, is finally coming into focus.


Three-dimensional mapping has “erased” centuries of jungle growth, revealing the rough contours of nearly a hundred buildings, according to research presented earlier this month.

Though it’s long been known to locals that something—something big—is buried in this patch of Guatemalan rain forest, it’s only now that archaeologists are able to begin teasing out what exactly Head of Stone was.

Using GPS and electronic distance-measurement technology last year, the researchers plotted the locations and elevations of a seven-story-tall pyramid, an astronomical observatory, a ritual ball court, several stone residences, and other structures.

Buried Pyramid

From about 600 B.C. to A.D. 900, Head of Stone—which is about three-quarters of a mile (1 kilometer) long and a third of a mile (0.5 kilometer) wide—was a bustling midsize Maya center, home to about 2,000 permanent residents.

But today its structures are buried under several feet of earth and plant material and are nearly invisible to the untrained eyed.

Even Head of Stone’s three-pointed pyramid—once one of the city’s most impressive buildings—”just looks like a mountain enveloped in forest,” said study leader Kovacevich, who presented the findings at a meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Sacramento, California.

Jungle Thick as Thieves

Head of Stone is so well hidden, in fact, that archaeologists didn’t learn of it until the early 1990s, and only because they were following the trails of looters who had discovered the site first—perhaps after farmers had attempted to clear the area, according to Kovacevich.

For thieves, the main attractions were massive stucco masks measuring up to ten feet (three meters) tall. Uncovered as looters dug tunnels into the buried city, the heads once adorned some of Head of Stone’s most important buildings.

The temple, Kovacevich said, “would have had these really fabulously, elaborately painted stucco masks flanking the two sides of the stairway that represented human figures, snarling jaguars,” and other forms.

During the Preclassic period, Head of Stone’s important public buildings would have been painted primarily in blood reds, bright whites, and mustard yellows, the University of Calgary’s Reese-Taylor said. Murals of geometric patterns or scenes from myth or daily life would have covered some of the buildings, she added.

During special events at Head of Stone, such as the crowning of a king or the naming of a royal heir, “there would have been a lot of people—not only the 2,000 people living at the site itself but all the people from surrounding areas as well. So, several thousand people,” Reese-Taylor said.

Thick gray smoke and the smell of burning incense would have filled the air. Gazing up at the temple top through this haze, a visitor might have seen “ritual practitioners” performing dances and sacred rituals while adorned with elaborate feathered costumes and jade jewelry.

During the solstices or equinoxes, the crowds would have moved farther south and higher up in the city, surrounding the buildings that made up the astronomical observatory.

The researchers, though, are directing their gaze downward. This summer they hope to begin excavating residential structures and the observatory, as well as to possibly remove the undergrowth from the main temple.

And, by using ground-penetrating radar, they hope to bring Head of Stone into even sharper relief.

By seeing through soil the way the previous mapping project saw through trees and brush, radar should reveal not just the rounded shapes of the city but the hard outlines of the buildings themselves.

Read the full article at http://news.nationalgeographic.com

SETI’s Search For Alien Life On Hold Due To Lack Of Funding

This incredible news is shocking as SETI is the only organization to have collected massive data from outer space and even have picked up on alien signals and beacons. Due to a budget shortfall of 1.5 million dollars the huge telescope array will be put into hibernation mode until funding can be found to continue the search for alien life.

SETI is most famous for the Wow! signal which was a strong narrowband radio signal detected by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on August 15, 1977, while working on a SETI project at the Big Ear radio telescope of The Ohio State University. The signal bore expected hallmarks of potential non-terrestrial and non-solar system origin. It lasted for the full 72-second duration that Big Ear observed it, but has not been detected again. Much attention has been focused on it in the media when talking about SETI results.

Amazed at how closely the signal matched the expected signature of an interstellar signal in the antenna used, Ehman circled the signal on the computer printout and wrote the comment “Wow!” on its side. This comment became the name of the signal.

Below is the actual WOW signal as recorded by SETI, it sounds like nothing you have ever heard on this planet, and is quite simply one of the most amazing things ever to be heard by humans. What is this signal and who did it come from?

Another WOW signal was heard on August 7th 1993.

Original Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wow!_signal

This next section of the article is from CNN.com.

Interstellar radio has lost one of its most avid listeners.

A collection of sophisticated radio telescopes in California that scan the heavens for extraterrestrial signals has suspended operations because of lack of funding, a spokeswoman said Monday.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute operates the Allen Telescope Array, the field of dish-like scopes some 300 miles north of San Francisco. The telescopes are a joint effort of SETI and University of California-Berkeley’s Radio Astronomy Lab and have been funded largely by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who donated more than $25 million to the project.

A state budget crisis and reduced federal dollars have choked the project of funding, said Karen Randall, SETI’s director of special projects. SETI put the Allen Telescope Array on hold a week ago — a situation publicly revealed by Franck Marchis, a principal investigator for SETI who doesn’t work on the affected project, on his blog.

SETI CEO Tom Pierson sent an April 22 letter to donors saying the telescope array had been put into “hibernation,” Randall said. Pierson’s letter stated in part, “Starting this week, the equipment is unavailable for normal observations and is being maintained in a safe state by a significantly reduced staff.”

The Allen Telescope Array will resume operations by 2013, when SETI’s new round of funding goes into effect, Randall said. The funding will cover the project until 2018, she said. In the meantime, SETI is searching for quick cash.

“Obviously, we want to be prepared for these kinds of things,” Randall said of financial obstacles. “We are working on some other angles that have bubbled up that will basically not be so vulnerable to budget cycles.”

SETI since last month has been soliciting donations to fund the Allen project. The organization says it needs to raise $5 million. Randall said she hasn’t talked with Allen about contributing additional funds.

The Allen radio telescopes aren’t the only ones that SETI can use to listen to the universe. SETI also analyzes data gathered by radio telescopes in West Virginia, Puerto Rico and Australia, as well as the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope, although SETI researchers must compete for time on those instruments.

The SETI Institute is based in Mountain View, in California’s Silicon Valley. According to its website it employs over 150 scientists, educators and support staff, and gets most of its funding from private donations and non-governmental grants.

Research at the institute is anchored by two centers: The Center for SETI Research, which seeks evidence of extraterrestrial life by looking for some signature of its technology; and the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe, which examines the origin, evolution and distribution of life forms on Earth and beyond.

It was not immediately clear how the budget crunch at SETI would affect its other astrobiology programs.

The idea for constructing the Allen Telescope Array was conceived in 1997. Four years later, Allen agreed to fund the venture and construction of the initial 42 antennas, located in Northern California’s rural Cascade Mountains. SETI has said it plans to eventually grow the number of dishes to 350.

The array’s 20-foot-wide telescopes, spread across several acres, don’t send messages into space but scan the cosmos for signals of extraterrestrial origin. Unlike previously existing radio telescopes, which scan the sky for limited periods, the Allen Telescope Array probed the universe round the clock.

Each of the 42 dishes is aimed at a different area of the sky, collecting reams of data that are being studied by computers for unusual patterns.

SETI also is known for its most visible staffer, astronomer Jill Tarter, current director of the Center for SETI Research and the real-life inspiration for Jodie Foster’s character in the 1997 movie “Contact.”

“At SETI, our current mission isn’t to broadcast, but rather to listen to the universe and see what else might be out there,” she wrote last year in a commentary published on CNN.com. “If signals are detected, everyone on the planet should have a voice in deciding how to respond.”

The cutbacks at SETI and UC-Berkeley come at a challenging time for space exploration. NASA is ending its space shuttle program, and the agency faces “tough fiscal times, tough choices” for its 2012 budget, Administrator Charles Bolden said recently.

California’s fiscal woes have also reduced the amount of money available to the Berkeley lab, Randall said.

The lab will lay off four people due to a lack of operating revenue, leaving two support staff, said Robert Sanders, a spokesman for the school. The group begun shrinking in 2009 when Berkeley laid off several staff, he said.

CNN.com’s Brandon Griggs contributed to this story.

Original Source : http://www.cnn.com/

April 28 2009 : UFOs Attaching To Mothership In Cantt Lahore, Pakistan & Slovakia

This UFO sighting looks like it is straight from a Hollywood fx factory. The first video which the screenshot above is from shows what appears to be UFOs docking up with a mother ship in the middle of the afternoon in India.

This part 2 video was shot 15 minutes after part 1 above and the mothership seems to fade out of view leaving just the UFOs doing some acrobatics.

Also there is a website totally dedicated to Lahore UFO sightings at http://lahoreufo.blogspot.com/

That same night in Slovakia, the local police force saw what they explained were UFOs. Here is a video of that report, but we do not have the translation for it, if anyone can help please post in the comments.

This next video is dated the night before, shot late night on April 27 2009 in the same area around Lahore. We see some different UFO activity but not exactly the same as the mother ship with UFOs docking above, this is not a coincidence.