New Zealand Government Discloses 60 Years Of UFO Sightings

>The New Zealand Defence Force has released all reports of UFOs over the last 60 years and it will no longer continue to file reports starting immediately. Citing a lack of funds to continue monitoring and reporting the UFO phenomenon and they cannot keep up with the amount of reports coming in so they have chosen to shut it down.

In the age of the Internet a decision like this is only practical – reports can be filed online at dozens of websites. Some of the reports look very similar to Nazi UFO craft seen in MHTVs report – check it out below.

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Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is the area of an ancient indigenous city (ca. 600–1400 CE) near Collinsville, Illinois. In the American Bottom floodplain, it is across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri. The 2,200-acre site included 120 man-made earthwork mounds over an area of six square miles, although only 80 survive.

Cahokia Mounds is the largest archaeological site related to the Mississippian culture, which developed advanced societies in central and eastern North America beginning more than five centuries before the arrival of Europeans.

It is a National Historic Landmark and designated site for state protection. In addition, it is one of only twenty World Heritage Sites in the territory of the United States. It is the largest prehistoric earthen construction in the Americas north of Mexico.

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Poltergeist Caught On Video in Coventry, Britain : March 29, 2011

Lisa Manning and her children Ellie, 11, and Jaydon, six, have fled their house in terror several times because of spooky goings-on. They include pots and pans being thrown around the kitchen, window blinds moving up and down by themselves, lights being switched on and off and drawers being opened. Last week they were even forced to climb out of a window after their being trapped in their living room when the door locked by itself.

Now they have been advised to wear crucifixes by a priest after capturing video footage of a chair moving by itself in Ellie’s bedroom.

Carer Lisa, 34, shot the spooky film two weeks ago after putting hidden cameras in the family’s home in Lilley Close, Holbrooks, Coventry.

The 52-second clip shows a wardrobe door opening before a pink swivel chair moves slowly backwards towards the wall.

Lisa, who lives with her partner Anthony, 25, in the house, said she feels like she is ”living in a scary movie”.

She added: ”One medium came in and said our house is a portal, a kind of bus stop for spirits, which they use to pass into our world.

”I set up the video camera because I wanted to prove the ghost exists.

”I couldn’t believe it when I played the tape back, it sent chills up my spine.

”We called our landlords and they sent in a priest who blessed the house but said himself that we shouldn’t live here, we definitely shouldn’t stay.

”He gave us all small crucifixes which we carry at all times in the house.

”The problem is because we can’t see it, we don’t know where it’s going to be or what it’s going to do.

”This is a horror house. It’s like living in a scary movie. The worst thing about it is, even I can’t believe what’s happening myself.”

Lisa, a full-time carer, said she was sceptical when her children started complaining about hearing noises and seeing objects move on their own.

But she became suspicious after her pet dog was mysteriously killed last October after apparently being shoved down the stairs.

She said: ”I found him lying at the bottom of the stairs badly hurt.

”No one was in the house at the time. I took him to the vet but he died. The vet told me later his injuries were consistent with being shoved.”

Her landlord Whitefriars is now relocating her family.

She scatters the house with salt, puts up crucifixes and wears crystals while she waits to hear whether the family can move to another home.

And last week Lisa claims the spooky antics have got worse, with lights flickering on and off and hearing footsteps at night.

Last Wednesday the family were so scared they even hid in the living room and were forced to escape out the window after the door was mysteriously blocked.

Lisa said: ”Ellie tried to open the door and shouted at Anthony to stop pulling it to stop her from getting out.

”She didn’t realise he was right behind her.

”We all tried to open the door but it was stuck as though someone had put their weight behind it. In the end we got out through the window.”

Ellie said: ”I’m scared to go home and I don’t like to go upstairs on my own.”

Whitefriars say they are advising Lisa on applying for a new home.


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Chupacabra Running From Sherriff’s Car Caught On Dash Camera

During a procedural check on a fence line in rural Dewitt County, Texas, Sheriff’s Deputies caught an animal alive on camera they believe may be the elusive mythical Chupacabra. It fit’s the bill of the beast, what do you think?

American Idol Finalists Flee Haunted Mansion

The supernatural drama began after contestants complained about bizarre flickering lights inside the house … followed by a spooky spider infestation. But the paranormal activity that sent the contestants over the edge happened last week — when several wannabes claim they watched a bed sheet suddenly take on a life of its own and FLOAT down an empty hallway!!!

And as if the ghosts weren’t enough, Sunday’s torrential rains caused the roof to leak like a mutha. Sources connected with the production tell us … the contestants FREAKED OUT and demanded to move … and “Idol” producers obliged.

We’re told the gang is now safely holed up in an undisclosed location … where the only blinding white objects are Ryan Seacrest’s teeth.