Tuesday 25th July 2017,
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2,000 Year Old Roman Toilet Seat Found In Northeast England

2,000 Year Old Roman Toilet Seat Found In Northeast England

Possibly the only suriviving wooden toilet seat from the Roman Empire, it was perfectly preserved in an oxygen-free bog environment until only recently. Archaeoligists working on the dig knew exactly what it was once they starting pulling it out of the bog.

Now archaeologists have another piece of this very personal human hoard at Vindolanda, a wooden latrine (toilet) seat, was discovered by the Director of Excavations, Dr Andrew Birley, in the deep pre-hadrianic trenches at Vindolanda.

There are many examples of stone and marble seat benches from across the Roman Empire but this is believed to be the only surviving wooden seat, almost perfectly preserved in the anaerobic, oxygen free, conditions which exist at Vindolanda.

source : http://www.pasthorizonspr.com/index.php/archives/08/2014/roman-wooden-toilet-seat-found-at-vindolanda

What is Vindolanda?

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