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13 White UFO Orbs Seen Launching From Secret Moon Base

13 White UFO Orbs Seen Launching From Secret Moon Base

This time the famous white UFO orbs are in greater numbers than ever and flying away from what appears to be some secret alien moon base. The uploader has quite a few videos of this in action and he is not the only one online talking about this subject. They have the evidence and it really begs the question, what the hell is really going on up there?

Published on Sep 15, 2012 by r3alw0rld
What the hell is going on up there?
Watch in full hd fullscreen 1080p.
Must read description as well:

While filming the moon on september the 15th 2012 with my telescope and Canon EOS 600D i spotted 13 orbs probably starting from a secret alien moonbase.
I edited the raw footage and used dirrentent color to get a better look of these objects.
The original raw footage you can see here:

If you think it’s fake just search on YouTube for “UFO starting from moon” or “UFO landing on moon”.
There are a lot of more proof videos similar to this one.

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