Did Hillary Clinton Receive Over $200 Million While Serving As Secretary Of State?

Yes. This is completely true, the news is breaking from several sources including Yahoo.com, & Associated Press.

Hillary Clinton was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Before that she was a New York Senator from 2001-2009 and before that First Lady to husband, President Bill Clinton. The Clinton Foundation, of which all of this money was donated to, was created in the year 2000, right before she started serving as a Senator. The press likes to break the money down into groups such as ‘group a donated around $100,000 each and group b donated over $1,000,000 each’. The truth is, they are still adding it up and so far it adds up to over $220 million. All of this money was sent to the Clintons via their Clinton Foundation and in return they received access to the United States Secretary of State.

Zombees Officially Arrive In Canada – Is Your Honey Safe?

Zombie bees or Zombees for short are Honeybees which are literally taken over from the inside out. A small fly is able to lay a seed in the honeybees back and its larvae grows inside the bee, eating its flesh from the inside out, up to the brain. This makes the honeybee go crazy and act in a zombie like behavior, smashing into a wall until it dies is the usual scenario. Check it out in this report from CBC.