Westworld Teaser Trailer

Westworld was a movie made in the early 70’s about an amusement park filled with robotic actors who were very life life. Something goes wrong and some of the robots start killing visitors. The movie was cool for its time, I watched a few years ago just looking for something to see and it is super cheesy by todays standards. The original starred Yul Brynner, star of the 10 Commandments and many other motion pictures. Well this remake looks amazing, its by HBO and its for TV. FYI I am not paid for this, I just thought this trailer looked friggin awesome.

Mysterious Object/Craft Crashes Through Saturns F Ring

This is not shopped in any way. This photo was pulled straight from NASAs archive of CASSINIs Photo Archive and was taken April 8, 2016. The round looking moon in the bottom right is just that, one on Saturns 62, yes SIXTY TWO moons, of which only 53 have actual names. There are so many rooms, some of them even orbit in the rings.

So CASSINI beamed this photo back to earth and NASA still doesn’t know what it is or how close it will come to earth. They also say they have spotted around 500 of these objects, some of which may be the same one, but have seen multiple objects in the same photos.

source : https://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov/resources/7379/

Infochammel. More Information. Less Grimformation.

Infochammel. All the time. All the time. He’s Fred Furner, COO & Founder of Infochammel. He has a YouTube channel/network of Infochammel episodes for you to figure out just what the hell is going on over there. Check it out for more. Easier to watch than to explain.

Warning, it is encoded with HC2K TECHNO-LOC encoding.